UPDATE July 2016:

After carefully cleaning the dial surface with some distilled water, the radium dust that has been ‘working’ all the time left it’s mark. The surface became a bit dry so I gently oiled the surface with some natural non color containing oil. Witness the stunning result below. A nice and warm tropical brown comes up when you turn the dial into the sun, a brown layer becomes visible….


From all other angles the dial is black as you see below…


Let me show you the process of how things looked. Find below the dial as found…


Here you see the result after carefully cleaning with distilled water…


Next I added a minimum of natural oil to the dry dial and immediately it starts shinning again..


And in the sun, the tropical brown tone is clearly visible now…


Previous RPReport…


Directly from the original owners family this iconic Rolex Ref 6200 found me. As usual when somebody starts googling around after discovering a potential vintage Rolex treasure, they find my informative RPR website. Not only because I tried to explain a lot about each important Rolex reference but also the reports of the auctions and shows I attent. I always like to explain and help in all necessary details even without knowing if the watch is for sale or not. If it end up with me I think is karma, I can’t change faith..


Many of those that have send me an email asking for more information will never sell their possession, they rather give it to their sons / daughters. Some want it to get restored and bring back to original specs, others just want to have an idea of the possible value. In all cases I tried to help as much as possible, even if the family decides to sell it by auction, I still recommend friends that are working there to contact. Back to the Ref 6200, here are some pictures and explanation for you to enjoy!…



The naked dial, full of radium that is turned brownish… Below, depends on how you handle it in the sun, the dials color changes as you see below. You see, the dust that comes of the fat applied radium is so aggressive that it “eats up” the lacquer they add to the surface when they finish the dial. To find a fully gloss one that has originally been delivered mid 50-ies and worn, is practically impossible. Why, because during the time it has been worn the radium loosens and then starts to react on the surface. From those that are still 100 % shinny I believe the dial has been: 1) swapped earlier with a spare unused one. 2) professionally restored.


The glow of the sun is making the dial look gold…. Goldfinger 😉


Just after the most important exploration Rolex conquered, the ascent of the Mt Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and the first deepest dives by Jacques Piccard Rolex understood the (marketing) importance of their “tool – expedition watches”.


Up fron again the 3 – 6 – 9 dial with long hour hand and big lollipop secondhand has become a new tropic. We see the ref 6200 without Submariner and with the added Submarine text at 6 o’clock on the dial. Some think, logically, that the later ones are always the ones added with Submariner. This because the word submariner was still being registered by Rolex in the beginning from 1953 when it was made. Hand Wilsdorf decided not to showcase it in the same year ’53 at Basel but wanted to wait a year and then come with the 200 meter version big crown.


In 1953 he introduced the ref 6204 & 6205, both 100 meter waterproof, what by then already was revolutionary. In 1953 the big brother, the ref 6200 was logically. Then in 1954 Rolex started to market their 200 meter waterproof ref 6200 and as most probably the already finished cases where lying in a drawer, the watchmaker just picked one to start assembling. Randomly different cases where taken as they where not stored on serial number. Who really cared back then, the watchmaker for sure not. Then while Rolex decided to pick the by now legendary “Submariner” name for this model, others like Skin-diver & Frogman as you see below, where canceled. Once Submariner was officially registered by Rolex USA, it got printed on the dial in 1954.


RPR_6200_submariner_3 RPR_blancpain_image.2025434

Then the sides view, the 8 mm Brevet Crown and the fat chamfers are clearly visible…RPR_6200_submariner_crown

Also the condition of the bezel insert shows still sharp and shinny…RPR_6200_submariner_side

Then the case back inside, ref 6200 RPR_6200_caseback_RPR

And the movement caliber A.296…RPR_6200_movement_RPR

The case back shows no mayor wear…RPR_6200_submainer_4

This is how it looked when they contacted me…The Ref 6200 has been serviced in it’s life, inside the case back we see 1 mark. During that service the bezel is changed, the crystal cracked recently while cleaning it before this picture was taken I was told.

RPR_Schermafbeelding 2016-05-21 om 10.55.55

Many thanks again for choosing me as after cleaning it I really started to like it a lot. Whenm you are reading this and you have something familiair in your possession, please contact me over here!  I do hope you enjoyed my little report about one of the most iconic Rolex Submariners made. I’m very happy to enjoy it now!




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