The Vintage Rolex – Geneva Auctions are always a blast..

I had to screw the caseback of the Deepsea for quite some while before the same styled caseback as the 6152/1, came of it’s impressive case, it felt like it never stopped but then, it was 11.000 km waterproof…

and revealed the inside… under my hand you see a blink of the massive caseback…

This Deepsea Special is’t the same by number as we saw together when we traveled half the
world to see it coming out from Rolex vault to show at the Carmel / Pebble beach meeting…

It’s a pity I forgot my geigermeter at the US trip to check the radiation as the one some years ago shown by Rolex at a German consessionaire Techel (?), was number 20 and having a underline dial shown on German rlx forum… I bet you it’s substantially less radioactive :-)


You could make me very happy with one of your scores, you know that :-)


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