Baselworld 2010. Heritage seems to be the keyword at the fair. Rolex news was as expected. I like the new Explorer I, elegant, no-frills attached classic in slightly bigger 39mm case. This time it was Tudor that made a lot of people enthusiastic. I have to say, their Heritage Chrono looks great. It’s the first time Rolex issues an exact copy of an old legend.

Patek Philippe also goes back to earlier days with their new 5170 Chrono in yellow gold.

In terms of size, the message at Baselworld is: watches in all sizes to serve all tastes…

Time to move on. Cruising down highway 1, sun is shining, Lac LĂ©man looks great! On my way from Baselworld to Geneva to visit the Antiquorum auction at the Kempinski Hotel this weekend. I was just in time to get some preview auction pics. More later…


Rolex ref 6062 in yellowgold..

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