Remove any NON essential elements associated with vintage Rolex!


In the next days, heading Basel World 2013 with off course Rolex news, Rolex Passion Report will be rebooted to Rolex Passion Reboot!  REBOOT @ Wikipedia English International Version. Rolex Passion Reboot remove any non-essential elements associated with vintage Rolex ( Wiki talks about franchise, we say Rolex ;). This involves starting vintage Rolex over and trimming it down to the core elements and concepts which make Rolex popular, for vintage Rolex lovers Rolex Passion Reboot allow easier entry for newcomers unfamiliar with the wonders of the unwritten truth that’s behind the miracles of Vintage Rolex!

My recent encounters with legends as Pucci made al lot clear to me. Combine forces, start over and move on out of your heart, your passion, your escape from reality and cherish the great moments when Rolex made history. What’s happening next on RPR therefor is that I decided after The M of Marketplace it’s time to change the last R into REBOOT. Why? After reporting last 1 year and treath you with 185 Reports making 1 million hits, it’s time to move on. Therefor now we change, re tell the marvelous stories, rebirth the old references, revamp the brands identity, remake a global community, reset all involved, control alt delete, start over, respect your past and show it to the never stop surprising me amount of online followers, many thanks to YOU all!!


I want to emphasis that we all have made it happen Vintage Rolex has become Legedary, not only ny purist Pucci or as i’ve often hear about me , it’s NOT about us 2, its about getting the whole community and their knowledge. All your dedication and effort you’ve  put into collecting vintage, we want to expose to the world. Crazy guys like Mike Wood, or super dealer Eric Ku are also great friends!Many thanks to all the great guys I’ve met over the years, shared passion and had a wonderful time with!!


Now it’s combine forces, we’ve a great future ahead, logically soon mighty Rolex wil move even closer towards their best ambassadors and respect our work. Ideal would be, once Rolex honors our passion for their important history, having a open dialogue with the Heritage Department as a community. Not that you all will go to Geneva at once, first me & Pucci go to open the way for all of you! Thats our real Quest, thats exactly our Rolex Passion Reboot for!! We all together will go then to next level, The Rolex Heaven! 😉


So stay tuned, as always, and see what happens next week in Basel & Geneva, I take Blue , definitly my color! 😉 When Rolex announces this Thursday in Basel that BLUE will be the new green for future Rolex color, we rolex nuts then logically get dark racing Jacky Stewart green for vintage Rolex! I love it;-)

Philipp & Pucci & Many Great Friends!