Today I went to Geneva to collect all the Hillary Rolex watches at Antiquorum. Most of you remember the hectic around Sir Edmund Hillary’s watch collection came up for sale last year. Lady June ( second wife & widow of Sir Ed ) decided to offer all the watches her late husband got from Rolex over the years. Only problem was that she was not allowed to offer them for sale as Peter Hillary & his sister Sarah where officially the owner of this collection. So the Auction was stopped by a court junction and NZ Minister of Culture declaired that these watches where of Heritage value for the NZ people and could not been sold / leave the NZ country.

Now some 6 months later, Hillary’s collection was still in AQ’s vault. Today we finally reached a agreement in sorting out the lost AQ claimed they had by not auctioning the Hillary collection. I had a long debate with Evan & Julien that started when I was in Geneva last time, with Peter Hillary & Jamling Tenzing Norgay for our HTE project. Serveral meetings finally made it happen that today the whole collection is free again
to travell back to NZ where the historical Rolex Bosecks will be displayed soon in the Auckland museum that has a permanent exhibition on Sir Edmund Hillary. So I’m extremly happy I could help & it all worked out at the end and very gratefull to a close friend of mine that helped the Hillary family so good! as otherwise I would not got able to share this wonderful news with you.

Many thanks to everybody at AQ in understanding the situation.Here some quick scans I just made in the sun after collecting them all that I like to share with you 🙂

Rolex Sir Edmund Hillary given to him by Rolex Bosecks Calcutta..


Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex ref 1016 Explorer I, original Rolex Bosecks Calcutta and Rolex ref 1655 Orange Hand given by Rolex to Sir Edmund Hillary ..

6 watches from the estate of Sir Edmund Hillary; Gold Datejust for 50 years jubileum of ascent to Mt.Everest, Steel and gold Oyster Quartz Sir Ed used to wear a lot at the end of his live, Rolex ref 1016 Explorer I, Rolex ref 1655 Explorer II and the now in NZ displayed Rolex Bosescks Calcutta..

All the best & many thanks to those that helped us as i’m really happy deep passion made it happen!

The Rolex Sir Edmund Hillary Bosecks Calcutta is on permanent display at the NZ Auckland Museum, check their press release here:

Regards Philipp

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