Basel World 2014 Rolex new Gold GMT and Sea Dweller

UPDATE: It looks like all my Rolex 2014 predictions are just introduced as Basel World news , LOL !


There it is, now it’s official, the new Seadweller ref 116600 above and the new white Gold Pepsi GMT Master below..


New Blue Milgauss..


New Cellini collection is back with below the moon phase with duo time zone..



RPR_Rolex_Basel2014_TeaserAbove you see the Rolex Teaser thats online now. Could this be the new Turn O Graph being reintroduced? Maybe as annual calendar, or even better a Moon Phase a la Padellone ref 8171 or Stelline ref 6062? We see a thinner ribbed bezel maybe for making it more easy to use to set the annual date, like with Sky Dweller system. With less the a week to go, BaselWorld 2014 will show us again the yearly Rolex news. What have the Genevan master brains planned for us is always the question we ask our selves.

Last year at Baselworld 2013 the general theme for Rolex & Tudor was blue. Will Rolex add some red to the blue and finally bring back the classic color combination to the GMT Masters?? Is this the new white gold Blue & Red Rolex GMT ref  116719 BLRO with 78209 white gold bracelet Rolex gonna present us at Basel World next week??…




I personally think that Rolex could bring us a, back to basic, as downsizing is the trend we saw at SIHH,  new ‘normal size’ Deep Sea and name it logically, Sea Dweller Ref 116600 or Ref 216600 and discontinue the disproportional one introduced in 2008, of which I made back then a limited edition with Mr. Bertrand Piccard in all black DLC looking nicer then original, IMHO;<) Here’s my artist impression of how the new Seadweller anno 2014 could look like:


There where Omega introduces yet another remake from their history, a new edition of the SM300, Rolex will not go that path of copy history. For Rolex using the technology from the Sky Dweller to bring more depth into the Day Date collection by adding the “Annual Calendar” modul on top of the Day Date movement is most possible gonna happen at BaselWorld2014. Here’s my artist impression how the new Day Date II with ‘Annual Calendar’ could look like:


Further news will most probably be the steel & gold ceramic bezeled Daytona. I really hope Rolex could bring us some new complicated models like a mono pusher chronograph, split second or perpetual calendar. The Cellini line is overdue since many years now so I could imagine a all new Prince design going retro classic. Then the Turn O Graph could be reintroduced, as many Rolex fans miss this iconic model, eventually in small size, like a Mini Sub a la Tudor made years ago. I could think of a eventual update of the Milgauss, this time with a turning bezel, making it much more adorable and historical correct. The Tudor, who will most logically bring the all Blue Snowflake.




UPDATE: and here it is, The Blue Bay alias Blue Snowflake, just been introduced..





I noticed they registered the name Tudor Heritage Ranger



UPDATE: and here it is, the new Tudor Ranger:


Lets wait and see what Rolex will bring us, the tension is climbing, waiting for Rolex teaser and then the opening of BaselWorld 2014 where all news will be displayed. What do you think will be the news for 2014? You can add your responds at the bottom of this page, let us know what you think!

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NEW Rolex “Blueberry” GMT Master II Ref. 116710LB and new black & white 2016 Daytona Ref 116520LN..RPR_Rolex_daytona_2016_black RPR_Rolex_daytona_2016_white

Then the all black Ref 116710LN could get an RED 24 hour hand instead of the old fashioned green…

RPR_Rolex_2016_GMT_MASTER_116710LN RPR_GMT_Master_Rolex_2016

New updated Cellini with moon phase a la Rolex Padellone Ref 8171..  RPR_New_Cellini_Moon_2016_rolex

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