Tudor Basel 2014 Blue Heritage Black Bay and Ranger



The new 2014 Tudor blue Black Bay Ref 79220B inherited vintage Blue Snowflake…


The new Tudor Ranger is back…



And here it is, live from Basel, thanks to my friend Ross from TudorCollector, the new Heritage Blue Bay with Snowflake hands with perfectly matching white luminous instead of vintage patina, now the design is finally in harmony, blue and snowflake hands, thats how we collectors know this  combination. The previous red Black Bay was a bit disappointing although Tudor’s reintroduction of the Big Crown was well made, the typical snowflake hands needed blue to come to totally satisfaction imho. The matte dial and silver print really make the dial pop out! A pity the case is still quit thick and a ETA movement is still ticking in there, my preferences would be a simple automatic, much thinner, Rolex manufacture caliber to get all dimensions at its best. Maybe next year, for now, The Blue Snowflake is out, halleluja :<)


The blue Nato strap matches perfectly and gives the Blue Bay a rugged feeling. Many buyers out there will adore this combination, it’s a touch of modern vintage, perfectly for a daily beater and spot on in tone, it’s seems there blue is not to bright but more elegant and classy, just how we like it. Well done Davide Cerrato!



For comparison, here is the original vintage Blue Snowflake Submariner, together with a unique blue duo tone Rolex Prototype Submariner..


Another example a vintage blue Snowflake Submariner having darker patina on it’s luminous…


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NEW Rolex “Blueberry” GMT Master II Ref. 116710LB and new black & white 2016 Daytona Ref 116520LN..RPR_Rolex_daytona_2016_black RPR_Rolex_daytona_2016_white

Then the all black Ref 116710LN could get an RED 24 hour hand instead of the old fashioned green…

RPR_Rolex_2016_GMT_MASTER_116710LN RPR_GMT_Master_Rolex_2016

New updated Cellini with moon phase a la Rolex Padellone Ref 8171..  RPR_New_Cellini_Moon_2016_rolex

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