Christies Geneva May 2014 is all about iconic vintage Rolex!!

After the mind-blowing and in my opinion too extreme results at Christie’s latest Daytona sale in Geneva, we will see yet again at upcoming Christie’s May 2014 watch sale,  vintage Rolex be the main player in their offered lots. A very divers selection of all different sport references, up to Killy’s, Padelone, Stelline and a crisp Enamel, it’s all in the sale. I bet it’s like over 100 lots of vintage Rolex, here’s the link to the Christie’s flash catalogue. I already copied some lots that might be interesting for you to see directly..


Will this master pieces Cloisonné, made by Marguerite Koch, with star index be the first Rolex sold at auction over 1M euro??


The mint ref 5029/ 5028 cloisonné is estimated € 420.000-830.000…




Daytona ref 6270 estimated € 390.000 – 670.000,-


Steel Stelline 6062 for € 240-400.000,-


Black & gold 6062 estimated 420-830.000,= having a controversial dial.. How will the market respond on this ‘non minute track’ black dial being sold mid 60ies?? FYI the last black rolex moon phase that came for sale at auction, was the 8171 Christie’s was offering last year at their NY sale and got pulled off before the auction.


Submariner Big Crown ref 5510 for € 50-67.000,-RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_3

Milgauss flat bezel ref 6541 estimtaed € 67-100.000,=


Panerai 3646 estimated €59-75.000,=


Steel Killy with gold index estimated € 84-170.000,= Last Dato Compax reference 6236 having a earlier type dial installed..


Black Pre Daytona 6238 estimated € 42-58.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_7

Yet another, more crisp, steel Killy with gold index estimated € 170-250.000,= Last Dato Compax reference 6236 having a earlier type dial installed..



Nice Pink Ref 6036 Killy I recently inspected, estimated €250-420.000,=


Gold Daytona ref 6265 Red Qaboos estimated € 200-330.000,= Could go defiantly bring more due to fact we haven’t seen another one yet and strong results of rare Daytona from mythical Pucci – Bacs Daytona sale last season..RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_15

Steel 6264 Paul Newman estimated € 59-120.000,-RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_17

Military Submariner 5513 estimated € 67-100.000,-RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_18

Comex 5514 estimated €34-50.000,-RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_19

Black Paul Newman 6241 estimated €50-75.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_20

Yellow gold crisp Padelone 8171 estimated € 100-210.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_21

Big Crown Submariner 6538 OCC with 4 line estimated € 67-100.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_22

tropical GMT Bakelite 6542 estimated € 59-75.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_23

Yellow gold Killy estimated € 100-190.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_24

Big Crown 6538 with 2 line estimated € 67-100.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_25

Unique PPC minute repetaer Henry Graves Jr. estimated € 1.000.000 – 1.500.000RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_26

Steel Patek Philippe ref 1463 estimated € 150-250.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_13


Yellow gold Paul Newman ref. 6241 estimated € 67-100.000,=


Stella in all colors red, green etc..RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_9

Pink gold PPC 1463 estimated € 130-210.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_32

Steel Paul Newman black 6239 estimated 50-75.000,=


White Paul Newman 6239 estimated € 42-58.000,=RPR_Christies_Geneva_May2014_34


Go to to see the whole May 2014 Geneva watch sale online now! See you all in Geneve, looking forward 😉