The New Blue Rolex DeepSea is coming



From my earlier reports, you can read over here and here, it seems I was close. Rolex just launched their new DeepSea with a new dial design, from blue to black and regular black ceramic bezel insert. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised by the strange color combination, specially the bright green isn’t matching at all with the elegant blue & black. I seriously wonder what happend wrong at the Genevan Design Department? Someone must have said, you know what a great idea is, we bring back the color of Cameron’s submariner. I wonder what had happened to this new DeepSea when James had felt like painting his submariner bright pink? 



Except that Rolex choose the most easy way by only chancing the dial to revival their DeepSea after the successful launch of their Seadweller at last Basel show, the appearance is far from Rolex like. It’s a mix of emotions, the blue from the white gold Submariner and a new green, we’ve not seen before. It’s a color green one suspect with a electric car, the Porsche 918 has this green but is also revolutionair and that I miss with the new 2014 DeepSea..


As Rolex did not act globally on August 4th, in the important Asian market it’s already August 5th, the rumors are spreading around what happened at Genevan Marketing Department. So far what I hear is that the new DeepSea will be at several official Rolex dealers available from tomorrow on! Then I came across a post where small part of the dial had been revealed, DeepSea written in bright green ( Like the color of Cameron’s Submariner ) with a blue dial what is discolering to black near the edge. Apparently Rolex choose the easy way if rumor is true by changing only the dial to revival the DeepSea…


Update: Check the latest Blue Ceramic Persistent Phosphorescent Case and Bracelet of the new DeepSea Blue Sea-Dweller

RPR_BlueNewDeepSeaCeramicPersistentcomposite RPR_New2014DeepSeaBlueComposite

Since we have seen at BaselWorld 2013 that Rolex chanced their philosophy of blue being the new green, a lot of models have been updated with a blue dial. Rolex as being the biggest global player in luxury watches must have thought, looking at the earth, what color pops out? Is it green or is it blue?? Besides the fact we see more blue water and sky then green land, the color blue is highly appreciated by the modern man & woman. Chancing strategy is a simple as this, even for a huge company as Rolex, blue is the future, green is the heritage. Thus after Rolex gave us recently back the old school “Seadweller”, the “DeepSea” could use a update to step away from it’s little brother. Question remains, is Rolex gonna ad a blue dial only or a blue bezel or both blue as picture shows up? RPR_teaser-2 RPR_Blue_DeepSea_slider Rolex is announcing a launch on August 4th on their website. Those that have followed the DeepSea Challenger project from James Cameron and legendary Don Walsh, know that soon the movie is gonna hit the theatre. Into the deepest blue the famous filmmaker Cameron, who made it also to the bottom of the sea, will introduce his 3D DeepSea Challenge movie. RPR_10478690_554212441372512_9100701001455911556_n The for Rolex so historical important achievement, from the bottom of the sea to the highest mountain on earth, the Explorers where wearing a Rolex. RPR_donwalsh-08-1-580x434 Hillary’s Everest Rolex next to Piccard’s DeepSea that was used in the 1960 deepest dive.. RPR_hillary-piccard-01-580x439 RPR_hillary-piccard-02-580x470 RPR_James-Cameron-shaking-hands-with-Don-Walsh-580x430 Will Rolex change only the dial to blue? RPR_NewDeepSeaBluedial Or like with the white gold Submariner also make the bezel in all blue? RPR_Rolex_allBlue_DeepSea   Or just the bezel in blue??RPR_Rolex_Deep[Sea This upcoming monday we will know. From Rolex sneak preview it almost looks like there’s a blue ceramic coating on the sides of the case. Although I thought Rolex will never go into “coatings”, nothing is impossible nowadays so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it anyway. The dead stock of black DeepSea’s can easily transformed to these new standards, chancing the dial and or the bezel is quit easy, adding a coating or ceramic is easy as well. The new blue Deepsea won’t be limited as Rolex doesn’t need this trick to sell their stock, it’s gonna be regular production, for everybody available soon. Price will be the same my gut feeling tells me.