In a very free incorrect historic interpretation of design elements, like adding a 70-ies snow flake on a mid 50-ies big crown, Geneva came with below new 41mm re-edition of the Big Crown. A pitty the colors don’t match but that’s Tudor. Interesting is the black with gilt printing of the dial that comes close to the early Tudor ref 7922 & 7924 Big Crown 200 meter design. I have to say ,the least they looked back for their inspiration, studied their history and this is what they made after intensive Heritage research ;-(

Not exactly my taste..The new Tudor ref is 79220R :


Why not add for instance the French epicentral of Tudor BC’s, the Marine National and you’ve a great Heritage Edition ! It could have looked like this after 5 min of photoshop… Maybe I should do it again & order some.. like 100, lol 😉

My friend Morgan made a special website dedicated to the story of Tudor,

you can check it out here:

The original Tudor Big Crown as inspiration, early Ref 7924 with tropical radium dial and hands…

that will probably gain in value in short time;)