A perfect glossy radium gilt Rolex 6538 is rare…most of them are having the obligatory 2 line text: 200m = 660ft  & Submariner. The shown examples of 1958 when Rolex wanted to add OCC ( official certified chronometer ) on some of their first chronometer rated caliber 1030’s. The actual batch of these so called ‘4liners’ is quite small. During the years I’ve seen only a hand full of crisp examples, to have a perfect black is great, specially if it comes together with a perfect tropical brown one 😉

Black ref 6538 OCC – 4 liner…

Tropical brown 6538 OCC – 4liner

Finally they are together!! Very special feeling I can tell you! Perfect glossy black Big Crown 4 liner in black & tropical brown…

Playing with the light in both pictures one can now see clearly the gloss that has been used to finish the dials..

It’s just perfect when wearing it on a custom made shell cordovan leather strap. Thanks little big boss! 😉



Rolex Passion Report