Do you want to sell your vintage Rolex?

If you’re consider selling your vintage Rolex I would love to see your watch on offer. Send me pictures and details via this link  and I will then get back to you asap. I’m always interested to buy original first owner vintage Rolex and I do pay maximum for prestine examples with proven history & papers! I’ll provide you with the right estimation of your vintage Rolex or Patek Philippe. You can off course also contact me if you want to know the current value or if you want to learn more about the originality of your watch. I’m particular interested buying vintage Rolex Sport models like Submariners, Daytona’s, Milgauss, Explorers, GMT Masters, Military and other important oldtimers you might have.

In particular my interest goes towards honest unrestored condition. Any tropical brown or double signed retailer signed dials like Tiffany & Co, Oman, UAE and Paul Newman Daytona. If you own any of these and you would like to sell it smoothly, don’t hesitate to contact me at You do NOT have to send me your watch instead I’ll analyze the condition by the pictures you send me. I can also come an visit you once we agree. I’m well aware the selling proces is very exciting for you because in many cases we talk about serious money for an old watch that has been lying in your drawer for years. I want us both to be 100% happy with the outcome of our deal!

Many original owners have sold me their watch, often because they want it to go to the right person, a truly passionated collector. I’m crazy about original patina and specially the story behind your watch of which some I posted here on RPR like this “Prototype Single Red Sea Dweller” or this “Unique Ref. A/6538 – 6540 Big Crown Military Submariner“, the Rolex “Desert Big Crown” , the 1953 Everest Rolex of Major Charles Wylie or for instance one of the earliest Cosmograph Ref 6239,” The Hopkins Daytona” or the historical important “Thunderbird” and the 1953 Mt. Everest Rolex of Dr Evans or the so far unique “Pan Am Daytona” plus many more you discover here at RPR..

–>“Prototype Single Red Sea Dweller”

–>“The Rolex Desert Big Crown”

—> Ref 6239,” The Hopkins Daytona”

—> 1953 Everest Rolex of Major Charles Wylie

–>”Unique Ref. A/6538 – 6540 Big Crown Military Submariner

–> Historical important Rolex Thunderbird of captain Maultsby

–> 1953 Mt. Everest Rolex of Dr Evans

–> so far unique “Pan Am Rolex Daytona”

Here’s an overview of Rolex References I’m always looking for:

Vintage Submariners Ref 6200, 6204/5, 6536, 6358, 5508, 5510, 5512, 5513, 5514 Comex, 5517 Military.

Vintage Sea Dwellers Ref 1665 Double Red, Comex, Oman etc.

Vintage GMT Masters Ref 6542 and Ref 1675.

Vintage Explorer I & II Ref 6150, 6350, 6610, 1016 and 1655.

Vintage Milgauss Ref 6541 and Ref 1019 and early Datejust Ref 6304/5 & Day Date ref 6511, 6611/2.

Vintage Chronograph’s like Ref 2508, 3330, 3335 Oyster Chrono’s like Ref 3525, 4500, 4537, 6034, 6234.

Vintage Daytona’s like Ref 6238, 6239, 6240, 6241, 6242, 6262, 6263, 6264, 6265, 6269, 6270.

Vintage Complicated Killy, Padellone and Stelline like Ref 4767, 4768, 6036, 6236, 6062, 8171.

Many thanks for considering to offer me your vintage Rolex!

Cheers Philipp