Today I went to see my old buddy Helmut Crott who made a important book about watch dials. The extensive archive he has put together over the last 50 years has made him the to go to expert if you are looking for more proven evidence. Many auction houses and important collectors have reached out to Mr Crott over the years. His bibliotheek of original documents of dial makers such as Stern and others is one of a kind. He’s in the possession of all the pictures details made by these dial manufactories and combined it in his recently launched book “Le Cadran”.

Besides all this historical important documentation he has built up an archive of all auction results and their specific info since the early beginnings. So if you for instance want to know if your Patek Philippe 2499 has the correct dial, Mr Crott will find it out. As an ex auctioneers ( Dr Crott in Aachen Germany) he’s still very actively busy archiving his enormous databank. Find his website over here.  I always love it to talk details with a long time expert Mr Crott is. I have an admiration to see him on his 73th year still so passionate about watches and all necessary details. He’s very humble and open minded.

Since in today’s market 80-90% and sometimes even more of the value of a watch lies in the originality or the dial, his book is a must have for every serious watch collector who wants to understand the production proces of a watch dial.

You can order your copy by using this link which will guide you to his PayPal to buy it online.

Enjoy the below pictures I like to share from this amazing must have watch book.

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