Vintage Rolex Daytona Oyster Paul Newman Ref 6265 – Collectors dream!


The Paul Newman Daytona is generally a rare bird. A “Oyster” Paul Newman with screw pushers ( that add the word “Oyster” on the dial ) is even more rare. We know it as earliest model with ref 6240 and later as ref 6263, both with bakelite black bezel but it also came with steel bezel, as particularly rare ref 6265. Below you find a serial ref 6265 with MK2 Serief & super cool early pusher in all over wonderful crisp condition. The lume dots ( perfect indicator how humidity has been in the watch ) are still all in perfect shape and nicely matching patina to the hands. It’s from the early 2.92 mil known serial batch, here you go..


ROC ( Rolex Oyster Cosmograph )…

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Rolex Oyster Paul Newman Ref 6263 next to the Ref 6265..