New age of Exploring – National Geographic Explorer james Cameron embarks  on a dive to the deepest point. @ Rolex Challenger Deep-Sea. Check it out online now at the freshly launched website:

At Challenger Deep, the trench plummets 6.8 miles (11 kilometers) down—if Mount Everest were dropped here, its summit would be more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) underwater. (Animation: Cameron’s Mariana Trench dive compressed into one minute.)

The 1960 Jacques Piccard & Lt. Don Walsh succesfull journey to the deepest point on earth, Marriane Trench

I love this history, the start of Rolex Tool Watch Evolution! Therefor I made back in 2008 together with Bertrand Piccard, son of Jacques Piccard, a special ‘heritazed’ Rolex DeepSea, called Single Red DeepSea Jacques Piccard Edition. With the result of this highly succesfull 86 examples limitation, we perfectly honored the importance the Piccard family played in Rolex their roots. As Sir Edmund Hillary went all the way to the top, Jacques Piccard made the impossible happen by going 7 miles down… @ & also intro of

Display Rolex DeepSea Special, at pre -vieuw watch auction with Christie’s Geneva..

At Christie’s The Piccard DeepSea No 60/86 sold for the behave of the Piccard Foundation sfr 40.000,=

Here’s the earlier RPR:

Back to the modern version of The Marrianne Trench Expedition by James Cameron…

The Sub..

The deepest parts of the ocean are the least explored places on our planet. Immense water pressure and a complete absence of sunlight make this environment nearly as unwelcoming as outer space. Yet locked in these dark depths could be clues that will help us better understand our world.

Stay tuned with James Camero on his dive to deepest point on earth. Maybe Rolex will make a new super dooper Sea Dweller, a special, that will now instead of 3900 meter go all the way to capable 11 KM, after 52 years I think they must be capable of re-writing history  with a modern 7 miles down ¨Uber Sub 😉


Good Luck James!! Somebody should give you a special Rolex, or even a edition when you manage! 😉


‘I follow you DeepSea Baby’ 😉


The following is an email from James Cameron to Don Walsh, co-pilot of the bathyscaphe Trieste , following Cameron’s successful 8,000-meter dive to the bottom of the New Britain Trench. Don Walsh will be joining the expedition in Guam, prior to Cameron’s dive to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. –>