The Jacques Piccard Single Red Rolex Deep Sea Edition

A while ago I was asked by Watch Report, a new Dutch watch lifestyle magazine about my thoughts on customising watches, as I did with the Piccard Single Red Deep Sea. Watch Report wrote on one of the latest trends to make new or pre-owned watches black via PVD or DLC coating. The article zooms in on the customisation of predominantly Rolex watches and poses the question if certain kinds of customisation are tasteful or not by stating that bad taste is also a taste. Contrast to others on the market, I stayed close to the original with the Jacques Piccard edition by only highighting Deepsea in red. The fact that the Piccard sells now for way more than the original asking price, proves I am right.

Here’s a snapshot of the article written by Eric Wilier, which is unfortunately only in Dutch. The magazine is sold in bookshops and assorted magazine shops across the Netherlands, so get a copy for those of you who master Dutch…

The complete article in Watch Report