The Hillary Tenzing Rolex Edition Article

Many thanks to my great friend Eric Ku ( ) for the cool write up about the historic Hillary & Tenzing Rolex and the exclusive tribute by the 2 ultimate explorers families and Rolex ambassadors pur sang with their limited Hillary Tenzing Edition wooden Expedition Crate including 3 “Heritated” Rolex Explorer I in 36 mm  & 39mm red Explorer & the biggest, 42 mm Explorer II with MK I bezel, you see up close on We’ll display the HTE edition in HK 29th May.

Soon we meet up in Hong Kong for my first Asia Vintage Rolex Passion Meeting on May 29th. Already many off you have told me you want to join us on a relaxed day with great friends enjoying our beloved passion in detail. I’m excited to invite many great people i’ve met during my passion travels around the world. Close friend from Europe, US and Middle East, Australia, Bangkok, Maleisi, Jakarta, Japan and off course from hometown HK. each will do  their effort to join me over to HK – Passion Meeting. Already so many of you great collector have told me to come that we already reached maximum capacity or it will be to big, I’ll keep you updated by regular RPR reports. Many thanks! See you all in HK for Passion and Party 😉