Introducing New Rolex Passion Report RPR Logo 

Since my Rolex Passion Report ( RPR ) is online for 3 months now, I noticed I get lot’s of emails dropping in my mailbox by the CONTACT button asking me many questions about our beloved hobby, collecting vintage Rolex. Although I don’t aim for RPR to become like a Forum, I decided to open the option to you all out there, that you can COMMENT on my RPR’s. Herewith I can cover explaining the most asked questions that I receive by answering them ONLINE under each Rolex Passion Report I post, this to give future visitors already all the info they need to know about a certain subject. So feel free to add your comments!

Next news is my new Rolex Passion Report – RPR logo that will be integrated in the website soon. By adding the typical  ‘Mercedes Hand’ in the R of my new Logo, it automatically says Rolex. So Rolex Passion Report = RPR Logo & reads Rolex PR (Yes, of Public Relations, lol! ). A simple & brillant Design! IMHO 😉

This is how the new RPR logo will look online when my web designer is back from his holiday 😉

So feel FREE to Comment to my RPR’s with whatever question you’ve, related to vintage Rolex off course and I’ll as always do my utmost best to answer them Rolex History correctly. It could happen that I don’t have the answer immediately but as always in our great community, a RPR-Friend will help us out!  😉