Let me start with that I wish YOU all HAPPY Vintage Rolex Hunting for 2013!! For me personally 2012 was yet another crazy vintage Rolex year. I uploaded 160 posts on RPR dedicated to our passion for vintage Rolex making almost 250.000 unique Rolex aficionados come to explore RPR since mid February ’12! To start 2013 properly, at first I would like to THANK YOU all VERY much for logging in to RPR so massively!!

I have a strong feeling 2013 will become yet another magical passionated Rolex year for all of us. All signs are on, boxes are ticked, nothing that can stop us now anymore…recession or not, vintage Rolex is HOT!   Besides that now every day a new collectors starts interested, it seems Rolex has become aware about their great history & heritage. For the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Daytona, Rolex already made it’s move into Formule 1 and at their 125th anniversary with National Geographic its” Time to Explore”. Rolex gears up for 2013, very interesting!! So BaselWorld April 25th will shows us more big news from Rolex…

Since mid November RPM ( Rolex Passion Market ) is online. Our trusted marketplace  has had 75.000 page views in the 6 weeks we are online! The archive of sold Rolex on RPM shows us the success we already have. The many requests coming in by email, proofs me of the increased interest in a safe and passionated marketplace for vintage Rolex. Many thanks to all of YOU for achieving all this! I’m proud !!

Let’s go for 2013, i’m ready for it! 😉