Geneva Watch Auctions November 2014

RPR_IMG_9030With high expectations from both the auction houses and from collectors worldwide, many friends came to Geneva to witness Christie’s special 175 Patek Philippe anniversary sale making a total of Sfr. 19.3 million for the 100 offered lots. On Monday Christie’s achieved a total of Sfr. 14.7 million and Sotheby’s responded on Tuesday with their important sale of “The Graves”, that sold just earlier for Sfr 23.2 million, for 1 lot! In total Sotheby’s sold for Sfr 31.6 million. That’s more then Sfr. 65 million for Christie’s and Sothebys together, add the near sfr. 13 million Antiquorum did and it’s almost Sfr. 80 million!! So logically everybody should be happy……..or not?? RPR_IMG_9042 The general consensus was or lets say, my opinion, that the average quality wasn’t good enough to convince connaisseurs paying for the strong estimates. We saw it happen at Christie’s Sunday evening PPC sale and it continued over their monday sale. That what wasn’t 100 percent original, perfect or crisp and untouched got hardly sold or didn’t even reach the lowest estimate. Many great results have been achieved, the high complicated Patek’s making millions, the controversial ROC Paul Newman sold, just like any other nice Newman higher then last edition. A regular 6263 Oyster Newman almost hit 300K sfr and nice white 6241’s are at 150K and more. Some 3000 watches where on sale but everyone is looking at the important ones and in the eyes of the spectators, these disappointed somehow. There was hardly firework as we have seen last 2 years therefor I think the auctioneers made a mistake in offering average quality with premium estimates as several Rolex & Patek didn’t sell this time to everybody’s surprise… RPR_IMG_9068 The Graves hit 23.2 million SFR. If I can point out one winner this weekend then it’s Aurel Bacs. He was very active buying the best lots and secured the Graves as well for one of his clients. Lets see how the first Phillips auction, that’s focussed on quality instead of quantity, will be next May 2015. Looking forward to this! RPR_IMG_9069 The black ROC didn’t go crazy, it sold half of what the RCO did last year at the Pucci-Bacs Daytona sale last year. But still strong with sfr 461.000.. RPR_IMG_8728 Some 50 % more then  a regular white Panda ROC sold at Christie’s this time for Sfr. 296.000. RPR_IMG_8830 Albino Daytona & brown RCO, both on the wrists of a very nice collector and great friend! RPR_IMG_8964 RPR_IMG_9129 Antiquorum sold most probably the best Rolex last weekend. A near NOS gold Ref 3525 with gossy gilt black dial… RPR_IMG_9200 Virgin movement and still it’s lead seal in the case back, just marvelous!..RPR_IMG_8852 Very honest pink Killy…RPR_IMG_8745 Rare early pink Oyster Chrono Ref 6232..RPR_IMG_8736 RPR_IMG_8738 Pink Padellone ref 8171 with “precision” dial…RPR_IMG_8739 RPR_IMG_8741 2 things can happen with this black ROC.. or it’s for sale within 6 months to 1 year again or it will stay at Rolex HQ, time will tell, maybe somebody finds another one in the meantime, let’s hope it’s having a provenance then. Congrates to the winning bidder!RPR_IMG_8731 RPR_IMG_8732 RPR_IMG_8733 A 2.7 million UAE blue GMT master selling for crazy price, 160K hammer, almost 200 all in!..RPR_IMG_9202 Meeting a gentleman from London is always fun!..RPR_IMG_9145 Big money for enamel Patek Philippe World Timer…RPR_IMG_9137 2 very nice PPC ref 570 in steel and pink gold… RPR_IMG_9125 Nice White 3 color Paul Newman…RPR_IMG_9084 PPC 3450 with Oman engraved case back sold for 260K euro..RPR_IMG_9087 RPR_IMG_9089 The first perpetual calendar, by Breguet made for Gubelin sold for 170K euro…RPR_IMG_9079 RPR_IMG_9081 RPR_IMG_9078 RPR_IMG_9070 RPR_IMG_9071 RPR_IMG_9072 RPR_IMG_9066 Honest steel and gold Killy making 100K sfr.. RPR_IMG_9061 Strong result for this brown prototype Panerau fetching nearly 300K sfr..RPR_IMG_9036RPR_IMG_9037RPR_IMG_9029 RPR_IMG_9044 Some Patek’s up close…RPR_IMG_9012 RPR_IMG_9014 RPR_IMG_9017 RPR_IMG_9021RPR_IMG_9009 RPR_IMG_8935 RPR_IMG_8928 RPR_IMG_8939 RPR_IMG_8941 RPR_IMG_8931 RPR_IMG_9101 Lemon & blue berry Rolex..RPR_IMG_8977 RPR_IMG_8982 RPR_IMG_8936 RPR_IMG_9131 I-Daytona 😉 RPR_IMG_8951 Prototype Zenith Daytona..RPR_IMG_8967 Super nice black 6238 from a great friend..RPR_IMG_8943 RPR_IMG_9177 RPR_IMG_9179 RPR_IMG_8942 logically unsold, I wondered why Christie’s even offered it and didn’t pull before the auction… RPR_IMG_8920 RPR_IMG_8922 Very nice big  black breguet PPC RPR_IMG_8927 RPR_IMG_8861 RPR_IMG_8929 Hardly any radiation… For a swiss dialed Rolex that means there’s no radium luminous left on the dial as otherwise the geiger would go mad and show a high result and not 0.20SV, which is even less then tritium that got standard from 1963 onwards.RPR_IMG_8969 RPR_IMG_8783 Giant Universal, more collectors are liking these iconic models from second brands after Patek and Rolex became too expensive for them..RPR_IMG_8918 RPR_IMG_8919 On the wrist of a great collector… RPR_IMG_9157 Besides a geiger meeter, using black light to identify the quality of the luminous is a must!… RPR_IMG_8668 The iconic Longines movement, caliber 13ZN RPR_IMG_8913 RPR_IMG_9208 RPR_IMG_8960 RPR_IMG_8914 Urban Jurgensen, nowadays owned by ex auctioneer Helmut Crott…RPR_IMG_8915 Nice Paul Newman, note the tome of the luminous…RPR_IMG_8902 RPR_IMG_9167 RPR_IMG_8904RPR_IMG_8907 FAP Omega Flightmaster…RPR_IMG_8909 RPR_IMG_9040 RPR_IMG_8898 Interesting waterproof Omega…RPR_IMG_8897 24 hours Split Seconde Universal with special case back gravure. Of this model there where 2 examples for sale, both going for sfr 70-80K!RPR_IMG_8900 RPR_IMG_8901 Simple but beautifull Longines calatrava’s going high..RPR_IMG_8905 RPR_IMG_8893 Steel Killy…RPR_IMG_8895 Pink Prince pocket watch…RPR_IMG_8886 With a big french cock on the backside…RPR_IMG_8887 New generation of watch dealers, no this is not a joke 😉RPR_IMG_9057 Very nice yellow gold Killy which sold just over Sfr 200KRPR_IMG_8888 RPR_IMG_8890 RPR_IMG_8891 Daniels didn’t sold but is never the less impressive to see up close…RPR_IMG_8883 RPR_IMG_8884

Room with a view..

RPR_roomwithaviewRPR_IMG_8871 RPR_IMG_8872 RPR_IMG_9053 RPR_IMG_8873 RPR_IMG_8870RPR_IMG_8868 RPR_IMG_8869 RPR_IMG_8861 Most “funny” Rolex from the weekend! @Presidente RPR_IMG_9112 Ref 3335.. RPR_IMG_8866 RPR_IMG_8867 RPR_IMG_8846 RPR_IMG_8849 RPR_IMG_8851RPR_IMG_8841 RPR_IMG_8843 From a italina collector are these 2 below Zenith Daytona’s, one with Patrizzi dial..RPR_IMG_8833 and one with arabic dial.. RPR_IMG_8834 Non Logo painted dialed Panerai…RPR_IMG_8839 Non chronograph dialed Killy…RPR_IMG_8821 Tropical GMT master went for sfr 125K…RPR_IMG_8824 RPR_IMG_8827 RPR_IMG_9051 RPR_IMG_8819 RPR_IMG_8807RPR_IMG_8796 RPR_IMG_8795 RPR_IMG_8797 RPR_IMG_8799 RPR_IMG_8865RPR_IMG_8788 The following 7 lots didn’t sell…RPR_IMG_8791RPR_IMG_8769 RPR_IMG_8778 RPR_IMG_8808RPR_IMG_8781RPR_IMG_8758 Yellow Stella from a great friend. For your information, next year in May 2015 Philipps will organise a special Day Date sale… RPR_IMG_9175 RPR_IMG_8745 RPR_IMG_8746 RPR_IMG_8748 Steel ref 2508 with black dial and pink gold index…RPR_IMG_8754 yellow gold Monoblocco ref 3525..RPR_IMG_8742 RPR_IMG_8744RPR_IMG_8736 RPR_IMG_8738 RPR_IMG_8739 RPR_IMG_8741 Some more pictures of the ROC…RPR_IMG_8731 RPR_IMG_8949 RPR_IMG_8732 RPR_IMG_8733 RPR_IMG_9091 RPR_IMG_9092A new generation wrong dial, tread all about it over here… made it into Sotheby’s auction ;-(RPR_IMG_9095 RPR_IMG_9187 New (man) Patek, I like it! RPR_IMG_8970 Panerai display for upcoming sale in Paris.. RPR_IMG_9110 RPR_IMG_9111RPR_IMG_9107 RPR_IMG_9108 RPR_IMG_9105 RPR_IMG_9106   Some more highlights that will be for sale soon…RPR_IMG_8990 RPR_IMG_8987 RPR_IMG_8988 Nice steel Killy that will go high, estimate is 200-400K..RPR_IMG_8999 RPR_IMG_9001 RPR_IMG_9008 Heading back home, many thanks to all the nice friends that where in Geneva again! See most of you again beginning next year in Miami, I wish you all the best! RPR_IMG_8660 RPR_IMG_8712 Underline Ref 6234.. RPR_6234underline