Lot’s of action at this Parma Watch Show

The market didn’t collapse, the prices didn’t go down yet and the hundreds of international collectors and dealers who made it to Parma, was higher then at the previous edition. So don’t suspect I’ll be writing something else then I already did about all the  “Parma Watch Show” – Mercante Fiera di Parma I’ve visited and reported about so far. Twice a year vintage watch lovers and       dealers come to Italia for this particular show. Although I missed several familiair faces, I believe I have met everybody that has something to say in the vintage Rolex market. A group of international “inner circle” dealers got invited to party at Davide Parmegiani’s penthouse downtown Milano the day before the show starts in Parma. We enjoyed marvelous food and drinks that  perfectly represent the good life the italians have! Simple but perfect in every detail. This explains me why so many italians are also great watch collectors, they understand the importance of detail!


  • Above, a selection of rare vintage Rolex for sale from Elvio Piva, Corrado Mattarelli, Davide Parmegiani and Stefano Mazzariol. Below I captured buddy Eric Ku busy with ‘just tryin’ to eat’ 😉


About the show, yes as every edition it’s becoming harder to find crisp and honest watches because everybody is looking for the same and hardly anything pops up anymore. As it’s become impossible to find them from brands like Rolex & Patek Philippe, now also Longines, Omega, Universal, Heuer etc. are very rare and sought after. Then I noticed that after Longines made a price jump last years it’s now to Omega making a step higher in value. Price wise I wasn’t really shocked, it’s what I predicted, good quality will be higher in price then you think it is. There where a good Big Crown, Milgauss or an Oyster Paul Newman is simply not for sale (maybe kept away in the safe to show privat clients only) I noticed many regular Daytona’s, GMT’s, Day Dates and Submariners are on display. Off which more then plenty where available to choose from.


The all over condition was quite well, the trend of over polishing has gone, the dealer rather shows the watch as it’s found then he burns it by trying to cover something. Then I noticed in some cases the restorations have become even better. Specially the adding of new luminous dots have again improved. But the buyers have become very professional and see everything that has been done after many hours of practicing. I have seen lot’s of deals made around me, many foreign watch dealers went home with new stock in their pockets. I think the business will be less on the regular days as all the focus is on the hectic Friday dealers day and the first weekend. Al with all I was impressed to see so many people are interested in vintage watches! So far everything I wrote in my “Vintage Rolex 2016 Predictions” seem to come through. I’ve not found any exceptions at Parma yet. Original quality is king!!



  • Rolex 8171 in stainless steel at Davide’s stand…


  • Serial numbers are clearly visible in the case back..


  • Rare steel Rolex Killy Ref 4767 signed by Serpico Y Laino…


  • Pink dialed steel Ref 3484

RPR_IMG_6484 RPR_IMG_6485

  • Steel Rolex Ref 2508..

RPR_IMG_6482 RPR_IMG_6483

RPR_IMG_6635 RPR_IMG_6478

  • Lovely fresh early Datejusts..


  • Stone dialed Day Dates, Lapis lazuli and white marble…


  • Green Oman DDD..

RPR_IMG_6466 RPR_IMG_6469

RPR_IMG_6490 RPR_IMG_6463

  • Fuerza Aerea del Peru….



  • NOS ( New Old Stock ) published in Pucci’s Day Date book…




RPR_IMG_6452 RPR_IMG_6453  RPR_IMG_6633 RPR_IMG_6634


  • At Roberto Jatucka’s stand…

RPR_IMG_6630 RPR_IMG_6622

RPR_IMG_6623 RPR_IMG_6620 RPR_IMG_6621 RPR_IMG_6618 RPR_IMG_6616 RPR_IMG_6617 RPR_IMG_6612

  • Tropical small crown with chrono certificate was for sale for 40K…


  • Tropical Nautilus, NFS…


  • Diamond Nautilus, for sale at Corrado / Only Vintage…


  • UAE Gmt Master Ref 1675…

RPR_IMG_6588 RPR_IMG_6592

  • RCO, for sale at 850K…


  • Stefano Mazzariol was showing me some of his offers…


  • Gilt & gold..


  • Tropical Daytona’s…


  • Rare Tiffany Ref 6240…


  • Patina on gold Daytona Ref 6263…


  • Waterproof Patek Philippe Ref 1463..


  • Omega & Longines..


  • Mushroom pusher…after bidding a record price in my opinion, it still didn’t end up at my wrist ;-(


RPR_IMG_6546 RPR_IMG_6557

  • The next best thing…



As always do your own due diligence before you buy any vintage Rolex. Check my Buyers Guide that will help you to determine the originality of the watch you get offered or see for offer of watch shows like Parma. A serious dealer will answer all your questions!

  • € 215.000 for this PN Oyster..

RPR_IMG_6543 RPR_IMG_6545 RPR_IMG_6541 RPR_IMG_6542


  • One of the Rolex Jacques Piccard Single Red DeepSea’s Jerrel and I made in 2008 was for sale, asking €35.000,= ( which is like 3 times the sales price we asked 7 years ago at introduction) Great investment. We made 86 collectors happy!


RPR_IMG_6607 RPR_IMG_6538 RPR_IMG_6531 RPR_IMG_6533 RPR_IMG_6528 RPR_IMG_6530

  • At Corrado / Only Vintage for sale is this Military Ref 5513…

RPR_IMG_6525 RPR_IMG_6526 RPR_IMG_6523

  • And for little more then 500K you can get this “Gobbi” Ref 2499 PPC…

RPR_IMG_6640 RPR_IMG_6513 RPR_IMG_6519 RPR_IMG_6520 RPR_IMG_6511 RPR_IMG_6512 RPR_IMG_6509

watchmakersmark RPR_IMG_6504

  • Oman Daytona in gold…

RPR_IMG_6506 RPR_IMG_6493

  • Diletta Piretti…

RPR_IMG_6448 RPR_IMG_6446 RPR_IMG_6441

  • Tiffany Daytona’s…

RPR_IMG_6443 RPR_IMG_6444

  • 6239 underline with Tiffany & 3525 Monobloc for sale at Tempus, Elvio…

RPR_IMG_6436 RPR_IMG_6438 RPR_IMG_6429 RPR_IMG_6433 RPR_IMG_6417

  • Is this the correct focus?


  • Or better this focus? 😉


  • Yellow Ref 6062…

RPR_IMG_6414 RPR_IMG_6415 RPR_IMG_6410 RPR_IMG_6412 RPR_IMG_6409

Universal, Longines, Movado etc…

RPR_IMG_6398 RPR_IMG_6385


RPR_IMG_6366 RPR_IMG_6373

  • Wonderful dinner & drinks with great friends at Davide’s place. Many thanks again!!!

RPR_IMG_6379 RPR_IMG_6371



RPR_IMG_6329 RPR_IMG_6316 RPR_IMG_6322


  • The arms of 1 collector, bravo Mario!..

RPR_IMG_6569 RPR_IMG_6654

RPR_IMG_6645 RPR_IMG_6655 RPR_IMG_6650 RPR_IMG_6644

  • Heading back home. I do hope for those that are working at the Parma show it’s successful and safe. For those that are still planning to attend Parma, I wish you lot’s of fun. Besides the watches there’s plenty of furniture and all kinds of collectables for sale in the over 10 halls. All information you will find on their website: http://mercanteinfiera.it Great seeing you all!! Ciao


Mercanteinfiera, international fair of modernism, antiques and collectable.

Mercante in Fiera is an authentic marketplace in which over a thousand dealers, coming from all the main European antiques markets, exhibit their own antiques and collectables to thousands of professional visitors, collectors, and memorabilia hunters.

What it is

It is a unique event, one of the most important appointment of the Antiques sector at the European scale: over one thousand operators present the modern antiques, antiques, and collectables collections, which they came across during their trips.
Thousands of precious and funny proposals or simple “rediscoveries of our recent past”

Two great appointments in spring and autumn in Parma, at the very heart of Emilia and of Italy, just a few steps away from any destination all over the world to be able to choose among thousands of items of different styles, survey market trends, find out new collecting trends, match business with a pleasant stay in the Food Valley capital, the quintessential city of culinary art, art and music.

Open to

• Visitors searching for either funny or important items but also for unique bargains
• Collectors, designers, and architects looking for collectables of any age and style


Dates february 27 – march 6
Time for visitors from 10.00 to 19.00
Time for expo from 9.30 to 19.30
Open days for professionals 25 / 26 february from 08.00 to 19.00


Entry fee €10
Reduction (with badge membership) €7
Online €8
Youth (<14 years old if accompanied by adult) Free