The news is out at Not one of their nicest designs so far Rolex Geneva just introduced their newest model, called Sky Dweller. Check the Sky Dweller Ref 326939 Movie of 2 Times Zone & new Annual Calendar & Ring Command movement:

Until now the respondes by the Global Rolex Community are negative on Rolex 2012 News. The Sky Dweller is disappointing in it’s look allthough the thoughts are that the movement is interesting! Me personally, I dislike the face & hands in combination with the bezel. Change the dial and add wider hands!

Ref 326935 – Everose Sky Dweller 42 mm and detailed Sky Dweller Movie:

New 2012 Rolex Ref 1146040 Submariner 40 mm

New 2012 Rolex Ref 116622 Yachtmaster 40 mm blue

New 2012 Rolex DateJust II in 41 mm ref 116300

Rolex has it’s E-Broche Basel News 2012 online, check:


Roger Federer meets the Sky-Dweller by Rolex : —>

Tiger Woods meets the Sky-Dweller by Rolex : —>







Dayto Rainbow YG for 71.025€

Dayto Rainbow WG for 73.810€






A Big Datejust with second timezone, annual calendar. Here is first pictures, courtesy of Percy (from , the German Rolex Forum)

We see new steel Yachtmaster With Blue dial & Red printing and second hand on the right…

SubC no date € 5.930

YM2 blue bezel € 9.185

YM2 platinum bezel € 9.900

Calendar yellow gold (bracelet ) € 36.785

Calendar white gold (bracelet ) € 38.900

Calendar pinkk gold with strap € 31.460

DJ2 smooth bezel € 5.685


Personally I think the Sky Dweller looks better with a different kind of bezel, one like the TurnoGraph had, also a pitty the Sky Dweller is NOT Luminous!

Online now: The official Rolex YouTube Channel :