The Rolex Dato Compax alias Jean Claude Killy

The Jean Claude Killy alias Rolex Dato Compax (manual winding chronograph with full calendar) on the left the early ref 4767 and in the middle latest ref 6236, next to the giant split second Rolex Ref 4131..


The legendary Rolex Killy, here as NOS (New Old Stock) in elegant 18K Pink gold oyster case, full calendar and chronograph. Note the patina, it’s hardly used Pucci Papaleo told me! Here’s a complete overview of all the different Rolex Killy’s

We all know legendary Jean Claude Killy and his ambassador role for Rolex board of directors for over 40 years now. Although Rolex first advertisement with Mr Killy was to show the Orange Hand 1655 he was wearing during his ski career, his nickname to honor a important Rolex reference next to the Paul Newman Daytona, Jean Claude Killy became Mr. Datocompax alias The chronograph calendar, the Über Cosmo, that finally became most important chrono in the Rolex watch family with ref 4768, 4767, 5036, 6036, 6236.

Group shot during one of our Rolex Passion Meetings, the pink gold Killy retailed by Serpico Y Laino belongs to John Goldberger, next to stainless steel Ref 6036 and ref 6236..RPR_Passion2011120

Here’s a great overview of all the different Rolex Killy dials by my good friend Luciano (alias Cortez Ramon)

The different dial versions for the Rolex Reference 4768, non oyster case Killy version. Along with the reference 4767, the ref 4768 differs from all the other Killy models because of the NON oyster snap back case with fancy lug  and tachometer.

With added Oyster on the dial, the first serie reference 4767. Along with the 4768 ref, the ref 4767 differs by having a oyster screw back.In the first productions there are no graphical variations substantial in the dial except for the tachometer scale, it maintains continuous numbering of the days of the outer scale. The first production had a different color in the base: the external scala of the days and usually more porous texture of the paint…

The transitional reference 5036. It ‘important to note, as we will see later with more photos, as is recurrent in the history of Rolex, the graphic overlay between an old and a new reference and that’s what basically gives us the opportunity to find the difference of the  old from new productions…


The reference 6036, the oyster case is still mono bloc, meaning the the upper part is one piece, with the case back it’s 2 piece.

and finally reference 6236, we see the separate bezel being added, making it now an upgrade 3 pieces case. The graphics chanced also to a more modern look we see at the date track with close 6’s. The Rolex coronet is now added in new style on the dial, typically for the 6234 & 6236 and early 6238’s

The Reference 4768, non oyster case, full calendar chronograph with fancy lugs…

Here’s a 18K yellow gold Rolex Datocompax Ref 4768 from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


Steel and gold Rolex Datocompax Ref 4768 John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


First Oyster Killy, the reference 4767, here we see one with Serpico Y Laino as retailer name added on the dial


All steel version of the ref 4767..

Not the ‘drills’ in the dial that got added with a gold cover

Stainless steel Rolex Killy Ref 4767 from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


Yet another steel Ref 4767…

This detail picture shows you in how much stages the dial has been made. Except several different printings, black and blue colored in different typo and on different surfaces, we see the round engraved at 7 o’clock showing us a pink gold dot from underneath…

The reference 5036

Reference 6036

Ref 6036 in 18K yellow gold retailed and signed by Serpico Y Laino from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


Yet another 18K yellow gold Rolex Killy Ref 6036 retailed and signed by Serpico Y Laino from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


Another 18K yellow gold Rolex Killy Ref 6036 with Red Italian Day and Date disc from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..RPR_JG_6036_rolex_killy_1

Pink gold Ref 6036

Another rare pink Gold Rolex Killy Ref 6036 from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


The movement 72C up close…


Up close the case back inside of the pink Ref 6036…

RPR_JG_6036_rolex_killy_2 RPR_JG_6036_rolex_killy

Stainless Steel Rolex Killy Ref 6036 with gold markers and handset from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex.. RPR_JG_6036_rolex_killy_steel


18K yellow gold Rolex Killy with rarely seen black dial from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..



Reference 6236

With gold index and handset… back then this was fashion as it looked elegant..

Gold index and hand still do look elegant but collectors like the more ton sur ton look of steel index and handset we see next..

Stainless steel Rolex Killy Ref 6236 from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


The 72 C movement up close of the Ref 6234 Killy from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..


And the case back of the Ref 6234 up close from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex..RPR_JG_6236_rolex_killy

Yet another 3 piece Oyster case ref 6236 from John Goldberger’s 100 Exceptional Rolex. Not the 6’s in the date are closed!RPR_JG_6236_rolex_killy_3

Minty Rolex Ref 6236 Killy…

Loose Killy dial…

Although the rarity of a great Rolex Killy is much higher then for instance a Oyster Paul Newman, we see in average that the prices of the Killy during the auctions are less then the Paul Newman’s. We can conclude that the trend of more modern looking Paul Newman is in fashion over the much rarer and more complicated Killy. Here are exceptional results from recent years for best quality:

World Record Prices – Rolex Killy ref 6236 –> Hammer $ 530.000,= Price realized: $638,500 !!! 


$614,500,- for pinkgold  Ref 6036..




Below 3 x Serpico Y Laino vintage Rolex of which the most right one is a yellow gold oyster Killy

RPR_CRONO1-580x577 rpr_Schermafbeelding-2012-11-21-om-15.03.38

Milgauss Ref 6541 meeting and elegant Killy, clearly visible is the difference in style between the 2 iconic Rolex sports models..







Mr Killy is for me personlly Rolex their bests ambassador as besides he’s a living Rolex legend, he’s also a very dedicated vintage Rolex collector and therefor my personal hero! Besides that, he’s approachable something we can’t say about the rest of Rolex people so far. He told me back in the days, when I was still having hair 😉 that he has a wonderful collection of rare Rolex…

With a very fine eye for quality and detail. The Rolex i’ve seen with him are always best of the best, respect!

Mr.Daytona &  Mr. DayDate & Mr. Datocompax. 40 years together at Rolex but also is Mr JC Killy the longest member of Rolex board of directors with more then 40 respectable years yet!

Style icon Jean Claude Killy was wearing his own edition Sunglasses..

Jean Claude Killy: “Skier.Racing driver.Flyer.Moviemaker.Manufacturer.Entrepreneur”

From John Goldbergers Rolex book” 100 superlative Rolex Watches” you can find many more Killy’s..

The US Patent from April 8th 1952 for the Rolex Datocompax movement and case design…






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