The TEFAF Art Fair 2015


If it’s a 10 million Vincent van Gogh as you see below, a original Banksy or a 90 crt. yellow diamond from Graff, all this and much more is for sale at the Tefaf Art Fair 2015 in Maastricht, The Netherlands. At TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s greatest art and antiques fair, you can buy masterpieces of art, antiques and design from 275 of the world’s most prestigious dealers….



90 cry Yellow Graff Diamond above and below the Bansky for € 550.000,=


TEFAF Maastricht (13-22 March 2015)  is universally regarded as the world’s leading art fair, setting the standard for excellence in the art market. The Fair truly is an event not to be missed by collectors and museum representatives.

Presenting 275 of the world’s leading galleries from 20 countries, TEFAF Maastricht is a continuously evolving showcase for the best works of art currently on the market. In addition to the traditional areas of Old Master Paintings and antique Works of Art, you can see and buy at TEFAF Maastricht a wide variety of Classical Modern and Contemporary Art, Photographs, as well as Jewellery, 20th Century Design and Works on Paper.


TEFAF Maastricht is unequalled in its level of quality and in the methods it employs to establish and guarantee the authenticity of every painting and object on offer. Participating dealers are admitted only after a strict selection process. TEFAF Maastricht’s ground breaking vetting system involves no fewer than 175 international experts in 29 different categories, who examine every work of art in the Fair for quality, authenticity and condition, ensuring that you can buy with the greatest possible confidence.


Over the years TEFAF Maastricht has established an unrivalled reputation as the world’s leading fair for art, antiques and design. It aims to strengthen this position by focusing on three core values – Excellence, Expertise and Elegance. These project and reinforce the character of a fair that defines excellence in art and attracts collectors, connoisseurs, curators and other art lovers from around the world. TEFAF continually improves the breadth, quality and display of the items for sale, while at the same time presenting memorable exhibitions and taking ground-breaking initiatives that have changed the way the fine art world does business. As you will see, TEFAF Maastricht’s pre-eminent position today is a result of much hard work over many years.


TEFAF Maastricht is unrivalled in its standard of quality and in the methods it uses to establish the authenticity of every painting and object on sale. Participating dealers are admitted only after a strict selection process. TEFAF’s ground-breaking vetting system involves no fewer than 175 international experts in 29 different categories, who examine every work of art for quality, authenticity and condition. It means that you can buy with the greatest possible confidence. Modern and contemporary art is also vetted, a procedure that is by no means common at other general or specialist art fairs. Highly sophisticated technical equipment, such as the advanced Hirox digital microscope and the portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, supports the vetting members’ personal expertise. TEFAF was also the first to introduce The Art Loss Register at the fair in 2000. This, the largest private database of stolen art, provides information about registered stolen art. It goes without saying that any stolen objects are removed from the fair immediately.



The spring-like atmosphere that surrounded TEFAF 2014 was echoed in the Fair, where strong sales, record crowds — more than 74,000 visitors — and buyer confidence generated a buoyant mood and a new-found market optimism.   Museum sales were widespread and many dealers talked of sales to new clients.  Fair architect Tom Postma made new designs for all the restaurants and food courts at the Fair, re-interpreting their individual characters and atmosphere. The steel sculpture in the entrance hall, ‘Janey Waney’ by Alexander Calder, went on temporary display in the garden of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam after the Fair. TEFAF also hosted Timeless Beauty, a magnificent loan exhibition of around thirty-five drawings from the National Graphic Arts Collection, Munich. The TEFAF Art Symposium was devoted to the topic of design. Addicted to Vintage:  Trends in 20th-Century Design brought together leading international interior designers, design experts and journalists to discuss why this market has exploded over the past ten years.  


The 2014 TEFAF Art Market Report by Dr Clare McAndrew had a special focus on the United States and on China. The report showed that the global art and antiques market is almost back to the extraordinary heights of the pre-recession boom years. Following his unfortunate cycling accident in August, Ben Janssens decided in February to resign as chairman of the TEFAF Maastricht Executive Committee.  Willem van Roijen, who has been a member of TEFAF’s Board since 1997, was appointed as his successor.  Between August and February, Robert Aronson, a member of the board since 2011, assumed Ben Janssens’ duties. In March 2013 TEFAF announced that it was exploring the possibilities of developing a high-end art fair for China. As the feedback from many dealers indicated that most felt that exhibiting in mainland China is something that they would consider at a later date, it was concluded in December 2013 that a fair in Beijing was not viable at present.



Opening hours

13 – 22 March 2015
Daily 11am – 7pm
Sunday 22 March 11am – 6pm


Maastricht Exhibition &
Congress Centre (MECC)
Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht, Netherlands
+31 (0)43 38 38 383


Damien Hirst for lots more below..



Jeff Koons..


Andy Warhole…


Thats what I call a table 😉


Modern important furniture by Mondriaan.. RPR_IMG_4087

Van Doesburg..RPR_IMG_4086RPR_IMG_4085 RPR_IMG_4083 RPR_IMG_4082 RPR_IMG_4081

Van Gogh again..RPR_IMG_4080 RPR_IMG_4078

De Kooning..



RPR_IMG_4077 RPR_IMG_4076

€ 44.000 classic chair…



Jeff Koons..



RPR_IMG_4069 RPR_IMG_4067 RPR_IMG_4068 RPR_IMG_4064


RPR_IMG_4061 RPR_IMG_4062

George Baselitz..RPR_IMG_4060

Helmut Newton..


Erwin Olaf..RPR_IMG_4059

Wonderfull! € 130.000 for 12 pieces..RPR_IMG_4057 RPR_IMG_4055 RPR_IMG_4054 RPR_IMG_4052 RPR_IMG_4049 RPR_IMG_4045 RPR_IMG_4046

600.000 pound sterling, sold at first day..


Andy Warhol..RPR_IMG_4031


RPR_IMG_4029 RPR_IMG_4030

Warhol..RPR_IMG_4028 RPR_IMG_4027


€ 15.000,= photo of first man ( Armstrong ) on the moonRPR_IMG_4022

RPR_IMG_4021 RPR_IMG_4020 RPR_IMG_4018 RPR_IMG_4019

There are actually some vintage watches but honestly, it’s not worth to travel for it…RPR_IMG_4016

I wonder who was vetting this loose dial below?! Very bad ;-((RPR_IMG_4015


Enjoy the rest of my impressions…

RPR_IMG_4013 RPR_IMG_4011 RPR_IMG_4012 RPR_IMG_4010 RPR_IMG_4007 RPR_IMG_4008 RPR_IMG_4005 RPR_IMG_4006 RPR_IMG_4004 RPR_IMG_3996 RPR_IMG_3997

Graff diamonds…RPR_IMG_3994 RPR_IMG_3992 RPR_IMG_3993 RPR_IMG_3991RPR_IMG_3986 RPR_IMG_3988 RPR_IMG_3984 RPR_IMG_3985 RPR_IMG_3975 RPR_IMG_3974

RPR_IMG_4105 RPR_IMG_3972 RPR_IMG_3973 RPR_IMG_3969 RPR_IMG_3965 RPR_IMG_3963 RPR_IMG_3964 RPR_IMG_3962 RPR_IMG_3960 RPR_IMG_3961RPR_IMG_3955 RPR_IMG_3953 RPR_IMG_3954 RPR_IMG_3952 RPR_IMG_3950 RPR_IMG_3951 RPR_IMG_3949 RPR_IMG_3948 RPR_IMG_3946 RPR_IMG_3947 RPR_IMG_3944 RPR_IMG_3945

Renoir..RPR_IMG_3943 RPR_IMG_3942 RPR_IMG_3941

€ 62.000 Roy Lichtenstein book…RPR_IMG_3939 RPR_IMG_3940 RPR_IMG_3938 RPR_IMG_3936 RPR_IMG_3937

Excellent to see with certain dealers the pricing next to the description!..RPR_IMG_3935

€ 850.000,-


€ 250.000 for the side table..

RPR_IMG_3933 RPR_IMG_3930 RPR_IMG_3932 RPR_IMG_3929 RPR_IMG_3927 RPR_IMG_3928 RPR_IMG_3922 RPR_IMG_3923 RPR_IMG_3920 RPR_IMG_3921 RPR_IMG_3919 RPR_IMG_3918 RPR_IMG_3916 RPR_IMG_3917 RPR_IMG_3911 RPR_IMG_3912 RPR_IMG_3910 RPR_IMG_3908 RPR_IMG_3909 RPR_IMG_3906RPR_IMG_3902 RPR_IMG_3903 RPR_IMG_3901

RPR_IMG_4103 RPR_IMG_3900 RPR_IMG_3893 RPR_IMG_3894 RPR_IMG_3895 RPR_IMG_3891 RPR_IMG_3887RPR_IMG_3885 RPR_IMG_3886 RPR_IMG_3884 RPR_IMG_3882 RPR_IMG_3883 RPR_IMG_3881RPR_IMG_3879 RPR_IMG_3877

Excellent to see with certain dealers the pricing next to the description!..RPR_IMG_3876

Have a look yourself into the TEFAF 2015 catalogue..RPR_IMG_3874


Entrance ticket € 40
Combined ticket entrance and catalogue € 55
Double ticket, including one catalogue € 95
Season ticket, including one catalogue € 115
Children 12-18 years € 20
Children 0-12 years free
Catalogue € 25

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