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Rolex Passion Market: the Trusted Vintage Rolex Market Place.

Since some 3 years now our RPM – Rolex Passion Market Place is online and after receiving some 1 million hits I believe it’s time for an update. The newly updated RPM 2.0 website is live and ready now for you all to enjoy the offered vintage Rolex for sale. For now the 10 trustable vintage […]

My Analysis of the Geneva Watch Auction Results…

Above 3 of the top lots from last Geneva weekend in my hand which fetched almost 5.5 million swiss francs together!!! Below 3 x PPC’s ref 1463 that went for 1.85 million together! My earlier predictions for the November 2015 Geneva Watch Auctions where close to spot on. Where I was wrong, the achieved results where even higher. […]

The Geneva Watch Auctions will be a BLAST again !!

Estimated: € 319.000 – 638.000,= and my prediction for this exceptional rare beauty is € 680.000,= all in. Update with established result: SOLD FOR CHF 1,235,000,= The Geneva Watch Auction are soon again. Twice a year the world of watch collectors come together to see, bid and hopefully win another stunner for their collection. Only the best […]

Vintage watch value growth: Tulip Mania or steady buying frenzy?

Vintage watch value growth: Tulip Mania or steady buying frenzy? During the famous 17th century Dutch Golden Age, phenomenally high prices were paid for tulip bulbs until the market suddenly crashed. This period of extreme speculation called Tulip Mania, is generally seen as the world’s first economic bubble. Some vintage watch market followers are starting […]

Vintage Rolex at the Parma Watch Show.

Since many years I travel twice a year to Parma to meet up with great italian collectors of vintage Rolex watches. Last weekend it was time again to see what is going on at the of vintage watches so important trade show. Many well known dealers are there for more then a week displaying their […]


Do you want to learn to buy vintage Rolex? Study my Rolex Buyer’s Guide!

I noticed yet again that even seasoned collectors still ask me on a regular basis the obvious advise about originality of vintage Rolex. In a constantly developing market, where fine and honest quality has gone mad during the auctions price-wise, I wanted to add for you a basic guidance to determine the originality of a vintage Rolex […]

The Rolex Passion Meeting 2015…

Yet again, after so many years of Rolex Passion GTG’s I’ve organized with my friend Bernhard, i’m still amazed to see you guys travel from all over the world to come and join us, bravo! For each and everyone, you’ve my utmost respect for doing this and I would like to thank you VERY much […]

Rolex Daytona’s at Classic Car Racing…

Racing and Rolex are two words thats are again familiar to each other since Geneva is sponsoring the F1. Here you get an idea of what Rolex is doing in modern times with racing. But classic car racing and vintage Rolex have become the ultimate way of respecting the past. Many classic car racers are wearing […]


The Story about Rolex Prototypes of dial maker SINGER….

I’m excited to show you some super interesting SINGER prototype dials mainly made for Rolex. Not only rare design proposals for the DateJust but also a handful examples SINGER made for the legendary Submariner and the Daytona. We now get a much better view of the dial makers catalogue of 1967 – 1968 that got presented to […]


The Evolution of Rolex Luminous.

A lot has already been written about the impact of the luminous used in wristwatches. In specific the turn from using radium to tritium has been discussed in length on vintage Rolex Forums. Today I don’t want to debate the dangers of early radium nor the legal impact radiation had for the swiss watch companies. I merely […]


The Presidential Rolex – Day Date – Pucci Book

My dear friend Pucci Papaleo has made yet another excellent Rolex book, this time it’s dedicated to the enormous variety of the  “Presidental Rolex, the Day Date” and the end result he send me is really impressive. The picture are as always breathtaking sharp and showing off every detail, so cool, very well done by master photographer Fabio Santinelli!! […]


The Rolex Oman Story..

The Rolex Company has made a wide range of different watches during their existence. Many different references have been made for special purposes, those for us collectors so much interesting are the Sports or Utility versions. Besides the Military Submariner batches made for the MOD in the UK, for the Forza del Peru in Chili […]


My Geneva May 2015 Watch Auction Report..

Again the sky is still the limit. See above the most expensive Rolex ever sold at auction, the ex Eric Clapton Albino Daytona from my dear italian friend who believed in it already many years ago, which finally reached 1.32 million all in… Sitting in my garden rethinking about what happened in Geneva last auction […]

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