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The “Pan Am” Rolex Cosmograph Daytona…

Today I like to introduce my dear RPR followers, the “Pan Am Daytona”. Not often we come across a total new discovery in the vintage Rolex world. I’ve been traveling around the world for my vintage Rolex passion quest many years now and probably most of the rarest Rolex i’ve inspected up close but I couldn’t […]


My vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide, useful collector information about originality..

To complete my earlier RPR post: A brief introduction into the world of vintage Rolex and Patek Philippe collecting  I like to add my quick guidance today to determine original vintage Rolex – or any kind of vintage watch brand in general. I noticed yet again that even seasoned collectors still ask me on a regular […]


London Issued Vintage Rolex & Tudor Meeting – Great Passion with Friends!

I just got back from yet another memorable vintage Rolex Meeting in London this time. Dear friends Mike, Jed and Paul organized a “Issued Rolex GTG” where the focus of this incredible meeting was on Comex, Military, Oman, Marine National, FAP etc. Vintage Rolex, Tudor, Panerai and some other brands that where ‘issued’ for a […]


White gold Pepsi GMT, New Seadweller, Blue Milgauss, New Cellini. All new Rolex 2014 Watches at BaselWorld are as I reported you already ;-)

New Seadweller ref 116600 is out at BaselWorld 2014 Rolex news as I predicted already in my earlier pre Basel post.. Below new white gold Pepsi GMT Master..   Blue Milgauss isn’t working for me with the green glass, it would be much cleaner without and non orange colors on the dial imho.. New fresh vintage […]


The New Rolex Sea Dweller – Cellini Moon – Pepsi GMT Master, Blue Milgauss & Pinkgold Sky Dweller at Basel World 2014

LIVE pictures from Hannes & Percy from German R_L_X Forum GMT White gold Pepsi above and Blue Milgauss below.. New Seadweller ref 116600 below.. Full diamond Baguette bezel and dial Daytona 2014.. Platinum Daytona with diamond baguette dial below.. Blue Tudor Heritage Black Bay below.. Tudor Ranger Collection 2014.. Rolex has just revealed their annual Basel […]


Parma Watch Show – Best vintage Rolex are even more rare for sale!

Oman & Qaboos Seadweller ref 1665.. Gold Paul Newman, pink gold Killy, platinum Day Date Octopucci and steel 1463 Freccero to name some highlights being sold at Parma watch show.. Ultra rare original Space Dweller, by Rolex.. Yet again another trip to vintage heaven, this time it’s for the start of the season, the 2 […]


Rolex Basel World 2013 – NEW Blue Rolex Models! Blue Daytona – Blue GMT Master – Blue Yachtmaster – Blue Stella’s and Blue Tudor Heritage Monte Carlo! ;-)

    Go to to see all BAsel 2013 Rolex News Heritage correct, new design identity!! … FInally a split color bezel for new 2013 GMT Master, in best combi one can think of, blue and black!.. 50th Anniversary Platinum Daytona, light blue dial with brown index and brown ceramique bezel, bravo!! You notice […]


Miami Heat at the Watch and Antique Shows

Great line up of vintage Rolex pump and screw down Cosmograph ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona’s for sale at the Art & Antique Show above and delicious stone crab meeting up with friends @Garcia’s below.. Approaching Miami from the sky above and excellent stainless steel Patek Philippe ref 1463 water resistant chronograph with rarely seen Breguet numerals […]


Iconic vintage Rolex & Patek Philippe in Asia

Just back from yet another wonderful Asia journey, i’m looking back through my pictures I made during my  report. But at first I want to thank those I met for the fun, food and watch porn we had together! What a wonderful place Hong Kong can be, I really enjoyed you again this time! So […]


New world record prices for vintage Rolex at the Geneva watch auctions..

Finally the collectors watch market realized what I was telling you all since many years, best and rarest quality vintage Rolex will go sky high one day! Last Sunday night that day became reality when during the Christie’s sale of 50 exceptional Rolex Daytona’s put together so brilliantly by my dear friend Pucci, Aurel Bacs and […]


Passion at The Rolex Bund Experience and during Tennis Shanghai Rolex Masters 2013

My lastest passion Rolex trip got me to Asia again, this time it’s up to China’s exploding city Shanghai, to attend the Shanghai Rolex Masters and meet up with some great friends over there. Rolex at the Bund, check their exposition when you’re in Shanghai! It’s a absolute must, seeing their Rolex Experience they made so nicely […]


Vintage Rolex Orgasm Milan and Parma…

This is already my 201 x Rolex Passion Report I upload for you!! Amazing how quickly RPR has spread around. It’s a great pleasure that you all like RPR so much! Many thanks for the compliments I get from all the collectors, dealers, friends… vintage watch purists!  I just got back home after yet another […]

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