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The Geneva Watch Auction Report – May 2016

My May 2016 Geneva Watch Report Last weekend the important watch auctions in Geneva happened again. The 4 auction houses sold together for CHF 60 million which can be divided by market leader Phillips in 2 Sales of each 16 million, Christies 18.4 million, Antiquorum 5.7 million and what happened to Sotheby’s?!? only 4 million! […]

Rolex Military Issued Collectors Meeting

Last weekend I was up to London for a great meeting of “Issued vintage Rolex” organized by Mike Wood and Jed McCormack, with the help from Paul Maudsley working at Phillips Watches as international specialist. Great GTG at wonderful locations downtown London where many great vintage Rolex collectors came from around the world to meet up together. Many […]

Why doesn’t Rolex still NOT have a Museum ??

“Look in all the dictionaries, there is no word for what we do. It’s not ‘tradition’, though our craft is timeless. ‘Limitless’ is too limiting. ‘Enduring’ is not enduring enough. ‘Innovation’ can only begin to describe it. We sculpt, paint and explore. But explorers, sculptors and painters we are not. This is the only thing […]

The Start Stop Reset Phillips Geneva Auction

UPDATE II See the results and my Geneva Report over here –> UPDATE with live pictures Ref 4113 Split Seconde… a million plus vintage Rolex for sure.. Tropical track Oyster Paul Newman..  Salmon – pink Ref 3330 big size chronograph.. Tropical RCO, will it fetch 1.5million??.. Black star dial ref 6062, another million + vintage […]

Christies May 2016 Watch Auction Preview

UPDATE: See my Geneva Watch Auction Report with live impressions and results over here –> Rare Watches Including Important Private Collections with many vintage Sport Rolex for sale. Each category is present, Oyster Paul Newman, Pump Paul Newman in steel and in gold as John Player Special, many Comex Submariner, Military ref 5513, Milgauss […]

Evolution of the Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona

Evolution of the Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona From an important italian collector, the earliest known Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Ref 6240 from beginning 1964… The Rolex Oyster Daytona waterproof case was a very important innovation made by the genevan watchmaker to boost the sales of their chronograph. The dial maker Singer has played an important role in the […]

All the Rolex 2016 BaselWorld News

Spot on where my predictions of the 2016 Rolex Basel news! Finally the steel Daytona’s are official. My original post on Instagram of 25 January, some 2 months prior the Basel news, I already show you the new Daytona’s. HQ in Geneva must have been surprised to see that news leaked. FYI, i’m not working for Rolex nor […]

Tudor 2016 Basel News Black Bay Bronze Dark

Tudor 2016 Basel News – Black Bay Bronze – Black Bay Dark PVD case – in 41 mm with chronometer Tudor movement! Let’s just hope the PVD case coating is strong enough for using this as a daily beater. Normally PVD is quite soft and many watch brands have used the harder DLC coatings or even […]

The TEFAF Art Fair 2016

As every year, I really enjoy to visit the most important art fair in the world, the TEFAF located in my old hometown Maastricht, The Netherlands. At TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s greatest art and antiques fair, you can buy masterpieces of art, antiques and design from 275 of the world’s most prestigious dealers. Over the years TEFAF Maastricht […]

The Geneva Motor Show 2016

The introduction of the new Porsche 911R, the new Aston Martin DB11, the new McLaren 570 GT and off course a glimpse of the Bugatti Chiron, the Koenigsegg and the Pagani where reasons to fly over to Geneva to enjoy the Autosalon…. The new 911R, Limited special model: With its new 911 R, Porsche is unveiling a puristic […]

Unique Rolex A6538 UK Military Big Crown Submariner

Update with some more pictures, taken during the “Issued Rolex Meeting” in London which you find over here…. Above, 2 x A6538, of which the left one is having the reprinted Burford dial and a 5513 also with later serviced dial. Below the obligatory group shot during the Issued meeting of 26 x full spec Rolex […]

Rolex News for BaselWorld 2017

My previous Rolex Basel Report you all got so excited was spot on so here I show you already what the Basel News will be for 2017! Rolex news at BaselWorld 2017 Every year before the BaselWorld Show starts we wish Rolex would come with something super special. Something that’s totally new and surprises us Rolex lovers. […]

Lot’s of action at this Parma Watch Show

Lot’s of action at this Parma Watch Show The market didn’t collapse, the prices didn’t go down yet and the hundreds of international collectors and dealers who made it to Parma, was higher then at the previous edition. So don’t suspect I’ll be writing something else then I already did about all the  “Parma Watch Show” – Mercante […]

What is the price of your vintage Rolex?

What is your vintage Rolex really worth now? What is the price of your vintage Rolex in current market?? One of the most asked question I get every day is, what is my vintage Rolex worth or what is the price of my watch? As this issue has been discussed in depth on every specialist Rolex […]

Vintage Rolex 2016 Market Predictions

Vintage Rolex market predictions for 2016 I personally think that for 2016 the watch market in general is gonna correct the extreme mark-up of some iconic references. The growth of some models have been too extreme over the past 2 years. During this period we have seen that some highly sought after models raised in price so […]

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