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Lago Maggiore – Milano – Parma Passion for vintage Rolex

Tropical “Underline”  Rolex Oyster Chronograph up and room with a view into Milano’s Galleria down.. I always love these power trips where i’m meeting up with great collectors and passionated dealers from around the world. It was time again to go to Milano and the Parma Watch Show the day after but before I went to […]

The impact of Instragram on the world of watch collectors.

My current state of mind is thinking about the impact Instagram has on the collecting world of watches. Since last year, the traditional way of offering – showcasing has changed completely. Hardly anybody is using their website anymore as all collectors are browsing on IG, scanning what the dealers have for sale. The immense popular […]

Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex Explorer

What you see above is the only Rolex of Sir Edmund Hillary which now is not being part of the family trust. Some close friends and I helped to get the Sir Edmund Hillary Rolex watches back to the “The Hillary Foundation” before being sold by Antiquorum to the highest bidder. This particular Rolex Explorer […]


The Rolex “Thunderbird” TOG of USAF Captain Maultsby.

Some 6 months ago the son of Captain Charles W Maultsby, Kevin Maultsby contacted me. He told me he had saved the original gold jubilee bracelet that came with the legendary Thunderbird Ref 6609 when Rolex delivered it to his dad. As always I asked for personal pictures and extra information about the provenance and Kevin came up […]


Geneva Watch Auctions November 2014

With high expectations from both the auction houses and from collectors worldwide, many friends came to Geneva to witness Christie’s special 175 Patek Philippe anniversary sale making a total of Sfr. 19.3 million for the 100 offered lots. On Monday Christie’s achieved a total of Sfr. 14.7 million and Sotheby’s responded on Tuesday with their important […]

Geneva Auctions with Patek Philippe and lot’s of Rolex..

Top lot of upcoming Geneva watch auction is definitely the “Graves” Patek Philippe pocket watch with an estimate of some $ 15 million. Hopefully Sothebys finds somebody to bid against Mr. Stern, the owner of Patek Philippe who most probably wants this super complicated masterpiece from their heritage in his museum. As we have had […]


The Desert Bond – Rolex 6538 Submariner

My following adventure started some 3 months ago when a Alex posted a question about a friends Rolex 6538 OCC on the Vintage Rolex Forum. Shortly after that I was contacted by the son of the original owner who discovered that his fathers old Rolex, that was stored in a drawer, is a iconic example […]


Rolex Parma Passion Show…

2 times a year the vintage watch dealers and collectors come together in Italia, to be precise in Parma at the Mercante in Fiera. The show is still on till 12th October. It’s a feast of wonderful watches, exceptional food and meeting friends from all over the world. As usual I stop in Milano before […]


Our Rolex Passion Meeting 2014 was just brilliant, Thank YOU Guys!!

Back home, with a hangover, rethinking how fabulous Passion Meeting 2014 was, I come to the conclusion that this one might have been the most relaxed GTG so far!  Everybody was totally into enjoying the watches and the friends that came in from everywhere to catch up with each other since the last time they met. Thank YOU […]


The Evolution of Rolex Luminous.

A lot has already been written about the impact of the luminous used in wristwatches. In specific the turn from using radium to tritium has been discussed in length on vintage Rolex Forums. Today I don’t want to debate the dangers of early radium nor the legal impact radiation had for the swiss watch companies. I merely […]


Rolex launched the New 2014 D-Blue & Green DeepSea.

Live pictures of new DSSD D-Blue from Percy… From my earlier reports, you can read over here and here, it seems I was close. Rolex just launched their new DeepSea with a new dial design, from blue to black and regular black ceramic bezel insert. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised by the strange color combination, specially the bright […]


Be aware: High quality fake vintage Rolex dials!!

As I reported you “several times in last decade, the fakers are getting better “and we all have to be very careful in what we buy for our collection. In my “Buyers Guide I recently posted“ you can read about the little details that are so important for the originality of a true vintage Rolex. […]


The “Pan Am” Rolex Cosmograph Daytona…

Today I like to introduce my dear RPR followers, the “Pan Am Daytona”. Not often we come across a total new discovery in the vintage Rolex world. I’ve been traveling around the world for my vintage Rolex passion quest many years now and probably most of the rarest Rolex i’ve inspected up close but I couldn’t […]

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