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Our Rolex Passion Meeting 2014 was just brilliant, Thank YOU Guys!!

Back home, with a hangover, rethinking how fabulous Passion Meeting 2014 was, I come to the conclusion that this one might have been the most relaxed GTG so far!  Everybody was totally into enjoying the watches and the friends that came in from everywhere to catch up with each other since the last time they met. Thank YOU […]


The Evolution of Rolex Luminous.

A lot has already been written about the impact of the luminous used in wristwatches. In specific the turn from using radium to tritium has been discussed in length on vintage Rolex Forums. Today I don’t want to debate the dangers of early radium nor the legal impact radiation had for the swiss watch companies. I merely […]


Rolex launched the New 2014 D-Blue & Green DeepSea.

Live pictures of new DSSD D-Blue from Percy… From my earlier reports, you can read over here and here, it seems I was close. Rolex just launched their new DeepSea with a new dial design, from blue to black and regular black ceramic bezel insert. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised by the strange color combination, specially the bright […]


Be aware: High quality fake vintage Rolex dials!!

As I reported you “several times in last decade, the fakers are getting better “and we all have to be very careful in what we buy for our collection. In my “Buyers Guide I recently posted“ you can read about the little details that are so important for the originality of a true vintage Rolex. […]


The “Pan Am” Rolex Cosmograph Daytona…

Today I like to introduce my dear RPR followers, the “Pan Am Daytona”. Not often we come across a total new discovery in the vintage Rolex world. I’ve been traveling around the world for my vintage Rolex passion quest many years now and probably most of the rarest Rolex i’ve inspected up close but I couldn’t […]


The New Blue Rolex DeepSea is coming..

UPDATE III: From my earlier reports, you can read over here and here, it seems I was close. Rolex just launched their new DeepSea with a new dial design, from blue to black and regular black ceramic bezel insert. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised by the strange color combination, specially the bright green isn’t matching at all with the elegant […]


London Issued Vintage Rolex & Tudor Meeting – Great Passion with Friends!

I just got back from yet another memorable vintage Rolex Meeting in London this time. Dear friends Mike, Jed and Paul organized a “Issued Rolex GTG” where the focus of this incredible meeting was on Comex, Military, Oman, Marine National, FAP etc. Vintage Rolex, Tudor, Panerai and some other brands that where ‘issued’ for a […]


White gold Pepsi GMT, New Seadweller, Blue Milgauss, New Cellini. All new Rolex 2014 Watches at BaselWorld are as I reported you already ;-)

New Seadweller ref 116600 is out at BaselWorld 2014 Rolex news as I predicted already in my earlier pre Basel post.. Below new white gold Pepsi GMT Master..   Blue Milgauss isn’t working for me with the green glass, it would be much cleaner without and non orange colors on the dial imho.. New fresh vintage […]


The New Rolex Sea Dweller – Cellini Moon – Pepsi GMT Master, Blue Milgauss & Pinkgold Sky Dweller at Basel World 2014

LIVE pictures from Hannes & Percy from German R_L_X Forum GMT White gold Pepsi above and Blue Milgauss below.. New Seadweller ref 116600 below.. Full diamond Baguette bezel and dial Daytona 2014.. Platinum Daytona with diamond baguette dial below.. Blue Tudor Heritage Black Bay below.. Tudor Ranger Collection 2014.. Rolex has just revealed their annual Basel […]

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