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My Rolex 2020 Predictions – News is out! Spot on :)

My Predictions for the New Rolex 2020 Models. It’s save to state that Rolex is listening carefully what the market thinks of their watches. Every big luxury brand does this. Over the last decade Rolex has reintroduced some important heritage details like ‘Orange Hand Explorer’, Red Sea Dweller” or “Pepsi GMT Master”.   Sneak Leak […]

What’s true and what’s not with so many Rolex experts around?

Nowadays it’s become so easy to reach out to collectors who understand your passion. We Rolex friends all do love the internet due to the immense possibilities to discuss watch details of which most other people are clueless about. It’s without doubt that the presence of the internet has pushed collecting vintage watches to a higher level then […]

The Importance of the Vintage Rolex Dial

The importance of the vintage Rolex dial in watch collecting. Modern watch collecting has become all about the condition of the dial. Some watch specialist say that about 80-90% of the value is in the dial nowadays. For outsiders this sounds silly or totally unlogic because a watch is made of lots of spare parts […]

The History of the Exotic Rolex Paul Newman Dial Designs

The History of the Exotic Rolex Paul Newman Dial Designs… Studying Exotic Rolex Paul Newman Dial Designs… Updated: After Mr. Paul Newman’s Rolex nicknamed alias “Paul Newman Daytona” sold for nearly $ 18 million at Phillips in New York the awareness for Rolex Paul Newman’s have exploded even further. It has become the must have vintage Rolex and […]

Geneva Watch Auctions June 2020

Passion Will Never Go Out of Fashion! In the beginning of Covid19 I already told friends around me that we, the market of vintage watches, will get better out of the epidemic then before. During the first 2 weeks of the virus hardly any request came in at our trusted Rolex & Patek Philippe marketplace […]

The Rolex Patek Market

Stop wondering, start knowing There are many ways to buy or sell a vintage Rolex or Patek Philippe watch. No matter how you trade, there is always this nagging question about trust. Not just about the originality of the watch, but also about the person you are dealing with. Initiator Philipp Stahl and a team of selected dealers […]

Vintage watches, cars, friends and lots of fun!

Vintage watches, cars, friends and lots of fun! Meeting and greating old and new friends is the best part of our addictions. This time it was at Bernhards  place, a cool lounge where many collectors came to share their passion together. Many thanks for the splendid organization and really cool seeing you again. Find below […]

The Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl

The Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl. So far 650.000 unique visitors have read my “Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide”. In average it took you 5 minutes each to read my Rolex collectors tutorial. Thats’ 3,25 million FREE minutes of vintage Rolex Education! Do you want to learn to buy vintage Rolex safely? Then start now […]

What will be the hot Rolex in 2020?

What will be the hot Rolex for 2020? In general I believe that we will see a continues growth of exceptional quality for any kind of Rolex reference. Not much will change in 2020 what didn’t already start in 2019. Collectors want the best and rarest pieces in their collection. 2019 was a more conservative […]

Sell me your vintage Rolex!

Do you want to sell your vintage Rolex? If you’re consider selling your vintage Rolex I would love to see your watch on offer. Send me pictures and details via this link  and I will then get back to you asap. I’m always interested to buy original first owner vintage Rolex and I do pay maximum for […]

Le Cadran – The Dial – Book by Helmut Crott

Today I went to see my old buddy Helmut Crott who made a important book about watch dials. The extensive archive he has put together over the last 50 years has made him the to go to expert if you are looking for more proven evidence. Many auction houses and important collectors have reached out […]

December 7 – Monaco Watch Auction

The second exclusive timepiece auction by Davide Parmegiani will take place on December 7th in Monaco. The Monaco Legend Group has made a 200 page impressive catalogue of the 199 lots that will come up for sale. Find their whole catalogue by following this link… The offered lots are selected to ‘inspire the collectors  mood’ […]

Hong Kong & New York Phillips, Sotheby’s & Christie’s Watch Auctions

Update 26-11-2019 with some of the results. All achieved results are available on the Phillips website here.. Ref 6241 achieved $ 240.000,= all in. The tropical Nautilus achieved an astonishing $ 320.000,= The 6265 with tropical minute track hit $ 415.000,= all in… The PPC ref 5002 with special dial sold for $ 2.23 million […]

Geneva Watch Auction Report November 2019

The expectations for this Geneva Auction weekend where high, much higher then we have seen before. This season the auctioneers had do their utmost best to come with an interesting Geneva catalogue. I’m not saying they had to beg for great watches but I got told it was very difficult. Hardly any super rare and […]

Finally the Rolex “Perpetual Daytona” Book by Pucci is ready to order!

Finally the Rolex “Perpetual Daytona” Book Pucci Papaleo and his team is ready for shipping from November 25th. “Daytona Perpetual” About To Be Released  Pucci Papaleo – a reference point in watch collecting world – presents his latest editorial project: the Daytona Perpetual book, which has as its leading star the well-known automatic Rolex chronograph. The key […]

Parma Watch Show October 2019

Twice a year many watch collectors travel to Parma to see what the Italia watch dealers have to offer them. The Mercanteinfierra is still after many years the place to be to see how the market is developing, meeting old friends and enjoying great food! The Friday before the official opening many hardcore collectors gather […]

The amazing vintage Rolex & other iconic watches I came across..

“The amazing vintage Rolex and other iconic watches I came across” is the title of my new serie of RPR blogposts I like to share with you. Since a lot of years now i’m in love with vintage watches and Rolex in particular. Over this period of time many exceptional watches I’ve recorded by studying […]

The Rolex Small and Big Crown James Bond Submariner

The History of the Iconic Rolex Small and Big Crown Submariner – James Bond. Let’s begin this report about “The History of the Iconic Rolex Submariner Small & Big Crown” with a really special group shot of rare vintage Rolex. We see some different lume Rolex used originally in their early days of their tool watch evolution. […]

New York Sotheby’s & Christies June 2019 Watch Auctions

The season is not over yet, both Sotheby’s & Christies will have their New York watch auctions next days. After examining many lots  up close in Geneva I notice again that the US sales are getting stronger having more collectable fresh finds available. It’s interesting to see if they also perform as well as we recently […]

The BlackBird x Mr TK x Phillips Hong Kong Sport Watch Auction

For the first time ever a prominent Hong Kong watch collector, Mr TK, curated a watch theme sale for Phillips Auctioneers. Over the past years the Asian market has picked up rapidly and many great vintage watches are now in serious collections over there. The growing awareness and huge potential in Asia of collecting in […]

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