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Rolex restorations, are they allowed and accepted or not?

Rolex restorations, are they allowed and accepted or not? Collecting vintage watches has reached a new level, the next level and this one is a particular one. How do watch collectors respond to the fact that a watch has been restored ? With 2 recent important restorations that had lots of media attention; the John […]

The Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl

Update: April 3th 2018: So far 300.000 unique visitors have read my “Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide”. In average it took you 5 minutes and 11 seconds to digest my free rolex collectors tutorial. So in total this post generated more then 1.5 million minutes you collectors have gained from my RPR website. Marvelous news I […]

The $ 1 million Rolex Big Crown Ref 6538 Submariner

The $ 1 million Rolex Big Crown Ref 6538 Christies just auctioned the rarely seen Rolex Submariner Big Crown Ref 6538 with Explorer type 3-6-9 dial and Red Depth for a little over $ 1 million ( $ 1.068.500 / € 920.000,=). This amazing results is a world record for any Submariner coming to auction […]

The History of the Exotic Rolex Paul Newman Dial Designs

The History of the Exotic Rolex Paul Newman Dial Designs… Studying Exotic Rolex Paul Newman Dial Designs… Updated: After Mr. Paul Newman’s Rolex nicknamed alias “Paul Newman Daytona” sold for nearly $ 18 million at Phillips in New York the awareness for Rolex Paul Newman’s have exploded even further. It has become the must have vintage Rolex and […]

My Rolex Geneva Auction Report May 2018

My Rolex Geneva Auction Report May 2018 The main reason why I visited the Geneva watch auctions was the Daytona Ultimatum sale, which became off course a huge succes. Why do I add off course, because behind the scene in the open market we have seen Daytona’s already sell for millions of euro’s so it […]

Rolex Collectors Meeting Liverpool – Issued 3

Slowly i’m recovering from an intens GTG with Rolex lovers from around the world. The occasion of our meeting was “Issued 3“, a theme gathering organized by buddy Mike and Jed around tool watches that where specially issued. Besides the well known UK Rolex Military Subs this issued meeting had also many Comex Rolex, special […]

Christie’s Geneva Watch Auction May 14th

Dear Sabine just send me the link to the digital catalogue for Christie’s Geneva watch auction at May 14th next month. As usual there’s something for every type of collectors, from new, complicated, pocket watches and plenty of vintage watches from all kinds of brand. My focus as usual will be on the vintage Rolex […]

The Daytona Ultimatum Auction by Pucci Papaleo

The catalogue is online now, follow this link to Phillips Watches…. Earlier today I received the exceptional catalogue of my buddy Pucci Papaleo’s Daytona Ultimatum Auction. What strikes me immediately is the incredible photography by Fabio Santinelli yet again. So pure and honest are the scans, impressive! 5 years ago the dream team Aurel Bacs […]

New Basel 2018 Rolex & Tudor Collection

New Basel 2018 Rolex & Tudor Collection Special pieces, new 2018 Rolex Submariner diamond Sapphire with all blue dial, very interesting!  All bling 2018 Rainbow… Above photo’s courtesy of Mike Tay showing the new diamond Rainbow Daytona… It leaves me a bit speechless 😉 and below, here they are, the Platinum Arabic Rolex Daytona’s, picture […]

Rolex 2018 Basel World Novelties

All 2018 Rolex News you find online by following this link…. Live picture from new steel Rolex GMT Master… Live picture from so far unshown new diamond Rainbow Daytona…. Here they are 😉 the Platinum Arabic Rolex Daytona’s, picture courtesy by Aficionado… Diamond Arabic Platinum Daytona 2018… More special pieces you won’t see in a shop […]

Major Charles Wylie’s 1953 Mt. Everest Expedition Rolex

The Major Charles Wylie’s 1953 Mt. Everest Expedition Rolex. Today I like to present to you the all original 1953 Mt Everest conquest Rolex of Major Charles Wylie. It’s one of only 13 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref 6098’s with chronometer OCC movement that where specially issued to the British Everest Expedition when Edmund Hillary & […]

Christies New York 7 December 2017

UPDATE with the final results: All the results you can find by following this link over here…  Almost $1.1 million for the RCO and big winner of the sale! Nearly $ 500.000,= for the Big Crown. It’s happening, the hunt for early Submariners is officially on now, after the Daytona the Submariner is the must […]

My Geneva Watch Auction Report November 2017

Quickly after the monster Paul Newman sale in New York, we were heading to Geneva for the watch auctions. Let me start this time with a disclaimer 😉 All you see and read here are my personal pictures and my personal opinion. If you don’t like what you find in this post, simple skip it […]

World Record for most expensive wristwatch goes to Rolex!

World Record for most expensive wristwatch goes to Rolex! Rolex has made history, their exotic Daytona Ref 6239 from Mr Paul Newman has become the most expensive watch in the world with an astonishing result of $17.750.500,=. Well played team Phillips watches, Bacs & Russo, what a brilliant result and for one day it seemed […]

Could Mr Newman’s Paul Newman fetch $10 million?

The iconic sale of Paul Newman’s Rolex Paul Newman is nearby. Phillips Watches will be auctioning this highly important vintage Rolex during their first U.S. watch auction October 26, at their main office on 450 Park Avenue, New York. There are high expectations from around the world by not only the diehard Rolex collectors but […]

Christies Geneva Watch Auction November 13th 2017

Christies Geneva Watch Auction November 13th 2017 AUCTION Geneva Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Quai des Bergues 33 13 Nov, 10:30am (Lots 1 – 136) 13 Nov, 2:30pm (Lots 137 – 217) VIEWING Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues 9 Nov, 10am – 6pm 10 Nov, 10am – 6pm 12 Nov, 10am – 6pm Everybody is […]

The Rolex Submariner Collectors Story

The Rolex Submariner Collectors Story. The history of the Rolex Submariner from 1954 to the present day has always been exciting to me. Not only the early 1950-ies when the director at Rolex, Rene P Jeanneret, (Why have we never got more information about this important director by Rolex?!) a gentleman and enthusiastic diver, was a major force […]

Parma Watch Show September 2017

I always love to go to Italia not only for the fine vintage watches I see in Parma and the great friends I see again alongside but also because of the great food they serve. The simplicity how they create their excellent food is just mind-blowing. There where you often see in other countries that they add […]

What’s true and what’s not with so many Rolex experts around?

Nowadays it’s become so easy to reach out to collectors who understand your passion. We Rolex friends all do love the internet due to the immense possibilities to discuss watch details of which most other people are clueless about. It’s without doubt that the presence of the internet has pushed collecting vintage watches to a higher level then […]

RPM, the only 100 % Trusted Vintage Rolex Market Place!

Rolex Passion Market, the only 100 % Trusted Vintage Rolex Market Place! This picture below shows you what RPM always has for sale, some 550+ of the best vintage Rolex available in the market. Go check all vintage Rolex for sale by following this link… With always some 500+ vintage Rolex for sale at our […]

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