Parma Watch Show – Best vintage Rolex are even more rare for sale!

Oman & Qaboos Seadweller ref 1665.. Gold Paul Newman, pink gold Killy, platinum Day Date Octopucci and steel 1463 Freccero to name some highlights being…
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Rolex Basel World 2013 – NEW Blue Rolex Models! Blue Daytona – Blue GMT Master – Blue Yachtmaster – Blue Stella’s and Blue Tudor Heritage Monte Carlo! ;-)

    Go to to see all BAsel 2013 Rolex News Heritage correct, new design identity!! … FInally a split color bezel for new…
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The NEW BLUE SEA & SKY Basel Rolex Identity. 2013 will be known as the Opening up of Wilsdorf’s Legendary Genevan Rolex Oyster!

What can i say about Rolex @BaselWorld 2013??…. I’m in HEAVEN! What a great bright BLUE Rolex future we will go ahead! As I wrote…
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Iconic vintage Rolex & Patek Philippe in Asia

Just back from yet another wonderful Asia journey, i’m looking back through my pictures I made during my  report. But at first I want to…
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New world record prices for vintage Rolex at the Geneva watch auctions..

Finally the collectors watch market realized what I was telling you all since many years, best and rarest quality vintage Rolex will go sky high…
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Passion at The Rolex Bund Experience and during Tennis Shanghai Rolex Masters 2013

My lastest passion Rolex trip got me to Asia again, this time it’s up to China’s exploding city Shanghai, to attend the Shanghai Rolex Masters…
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Vintage Rolex Meetings with Asian Friends.

Steel – steel 6062 and brillant black Ref 2508 above, photographed by my friend Auro, John Goldberger, many thanks for the great picture! Pure and…
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The Heritage Submariner Big Crown, 60th Anniversary Edition of the iconic Rolex Submariner fusion of modern and vintage!

I’m very happy and proud to present to you a unique fusion of modern & vintage Rolex, honoring the vintage Submariner details, we collectors like…
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Vintage Rolex Passion Meeting 2013 – MANY Thanks to ALL of YOU!! What a Blast! ;-)

What a blast it was again to see so many deeply passionated vintage Rolex freaks together!!! Me and Bernhard are yet again very proud that…
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The Luxury around Vintage Rolex in Italia, thanks my GREAT friends!!..

Update, New Domed Reboot.. In it’s original Freccero – Montevideo – Patek Philippe box.. Best EVER Tropical Brown RCO i’ve ever seen!!! My heart stopped…
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